My review of Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Dual Phase Bakuchiol Serum

Clean US beauty brand Acure is built around the motto that it’s not enough for a product to natural; it also has to work. And with that in mind, Acure built a cosmetics empire around formulas with plenty of actives but the most minimal of what it considers “undesirable” or “filler” ingredients. The result is a pretty awesome skincare and haircare offering, although stripped-down formulas also mean the blends and textures might not be as flawless as premium brands. But hey, if your skin and hair are loving it, then I guess that’s all secondary!


The Acure Radically Rejuvenating Dual Phase Bakuchiol Serum is the first bakuchiol product that I’ve tried

Bakuchiol (frequently dubbed “vegan retinol”) is an extract of the Indian Babchi plant. It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years but more recently, has come in the spotlight of skincare lovers thanks to its ability to replicate the effects of vitamin A. In other words, it can minimize pores, counter fine lines and even treat mild acne but without the potential irritation and flushing.

acure bakuchiol serum review ingredients percentage kanvas beauty australia skincare beauty retinol

Luckily, my skin can handle retinol in small doses. And I loooove me some vitamin A! It’s been extremely effective at reducing the appearance of pores on my nose and controlling those damn hormonal zits on my chin. BUT, there are times when my skin needs a break and just wants barrier-repairing, hydrating formulas. So, when Acure came out with a bakuchiol ampoule that was voted by Byrdie as one of its top 12 bakuchiol serums, it went straight on my must-try list.


Acure’s Dual-Phase Bakuchiol Ampoule ingredients

Acure's unique Dual-Phase Bakuchiol Ampoule is a two-layered formula: the top layer is an antioxidant-rich essence containing the bakuchiol. The bottom layer is a moisturizing serum to counter any irritation and leave your skin silky smooth. The additional brightening and anti-ageing natural extracts include eggplant, turmeric and holy basil. I’ve seen eggplant extract popping up in a lot of anti-ageing formulas lately. When I Googled it, I came across a heap of studies suggesting eggplant peels can actually go some way to treating melanomas! The more ya know. Because the serum is split into two layers, you have to shake the bottle thoroughly until the formula turns green, before using the dropper.

acure bakuchiol serum review ingredients percentage kanvas beauty australia skincare beauty retinol 

Where it fit in my routine

I used this ampoule in the evenings, because even though bakuchiol doesn’t heighten the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays like retinol, I like to reserve my mornings for vitamin C. After cleansing and toning, I applied the serum before using my moisturizer.


Texture and application      

The texture feels like a thin oil. I was actually surprised by the slip of the serum, and it comes off fairly dewy (mind you, this is after applying about 4 layers of hydrating toner). It seems to be loved by acne-sufferers in particular, so I guessed it wouldn’t be too occlusive for my congestion-prone skin. I don’t know why more people haven’t commented on it, but the serum smells a bit like a lolly bag. Completely non-offensive and rather delicious (I had to fight the urge to lick some off).

 acure bakuchiol serum review ingredients percentage kanvas beauty australia skincare beauty retinol

Results and final verdict

Well, I woke up the next morning, and happy skin. It’s way too early to see the effects (bakuchiol generally takes 2-3 weeks to see some results), but there were no breakouts (yay). Is it enough to replace my retinol serum? Probably not. I use a moderate-strength retinol serum that can sometimes “ripen” stubborn pimples early. I don’t see bakuchiol having the same rapid effects on zits. BUT, that being said, I’ve been switching to bakuchiol once a week in order to preserve my skin barrier and lower the risk of irritation. I’ve also started dotting it around my eye contour area as an anti-wrinkle serum twice daily (sadly, the delicate skin around my eyes says HELL NO to retinol of any kind), and I genuinely feel like the hydrating formula has helped the skin look less “crepey”. I think if you’re prone to acne or fine lines and have dry or irritated skin, you will LOVE this serum.



acure bakuchiol serum review ingredients percentage kanvas beauty australia skincare beauty retinol 

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