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t'werkin boss babes


We blaze the path for our team members to start a learning journey from day one! We empower our boss babes and provide them with the support and tools necessary to help them grow personally and professionally. We encourage feedback and plenty of time to reflect, which is also a big part of our Kulture.

We believe in our team and what they are capable of, which is why our team members are rewarded right from day one!

Our team members enjoy some amazing benefits, including:

♡ ​We believe in work + life should be 'balanced' and when we mean 'balanced', we mean work smart, not hard! Our employees enjoy 4 days a week where we work as productively as we can and this includes only 5 hours minimum a day! This means once you're done with your work, you are free to go home and spend some time walking your dog, cooking or doing whatever it is that makes your soul happy (even that extra 'me time' doesn't hurt. We know what it's like working the 9-5 grind). We aim to break the mould and a big part of our philosophy is 'happy employees make more productive work.'

♡ ​An unlimited product discount to spoil yourself and your immediate family.

♡ ​Countless opportunities for education and development.

♡ ​Access to flexibility, personal wellbeing and balance initiatives.


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