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O H  H E L L O

Regardless of your gender identity, race, sexuality, colour or creed (we don't discriminate), skincare is for everyone. And that's our mission here at Kanvas Beauty - to create a diverse product offering and to make shopping with us as inclusive as possible. We've scouted hundreds of global boutique brands to bring you the best in class - and we're adding new lines every month. 

You'll find K-Beauty, J-Beauty, skincare tailored towards darker skin tones, targeted skincare for various conditions, eco-friendly and vegan product lines - and much more! We've also rolled out a handy snapshot guide to inform our consumers about the merits of each product and for whom it's best suited. In addition, Kanvas offers a free product consultation to help you find what you're looking for. Or you can hit one of us up in the chat box if you have any questions, comments or feedback. We genuinely love hearing from you, and want to know your suggestions. If you know any brands that you think would be a fantastic fit at Kanvas, ping us on chat or drop us a line at hello@kanvasbeauty.com.au. 

As for the faces behind the name, well - we're just a friendly bunch obsessed with chasing that glow (scroll down to find out more). Along the way, we've learnt a thing or two about what works (and what doesn't) - all of which we share with you in our blog. We're bound by the belief there is no such thing as perfect skin - only feeling perfect in the skin you're in. The Kanvas Kult Blog is written by contributors from a variety of backgrounds addressing a range of skin concerns and goals. 

On a final note, life can sometimes serve some pretty solid lemons (hello 2020, we're looking at you). It's the simple things that keep us all going - so at the end of the day, take the time to unwind. Get your wine glasses out, love each other, laugh at daggy jokes, put your feet up and apply a good face mask. Because seriously, what's better than some self lovin' with good friends? #loveyourkanvas

Our Story

O U R  P R O M I S E

We're here when you need us, so don't hesitate to reach out! This is a lighthearted and safe space, and there is no such thing as a silly question. We've been through the acne, the rosacea, the sunburns, the hyperpigmentation, the allergic reactions - you name it. Finding the perfect routine or treatment can be hard and sometimes we feel overwhelmed too. But we've got your back and will support you on your journey to healthier, glowing skin. We don't lie, employ discriminatory language or recommended something we don't truly believe in. All of our products have been road-tested by one of us, and we'll give you our honest opinion. Join the Kanvas Kult (no weird initiation ceremonies, we promise)! 

G E T  T O  K N O W  U S ⤵



Skin Type: Dry / Combination

Skin concerns:Sensitive; Eczema; A bit of sun damage. ​

An entrepreneur and a new mother, Elle realized after much sacrificing that she'd forgotten how to put herself first. Taking time out of her busy schedule for some personal R&R led to her burgeoning love for skincare (and the birth of Kanvas Beauty). These days you can catch her enjoying a good cup of Melbourne coffee or listening to chilled music on her daily walks while pushing her pram. An avid traveler and adventurer at heart, she's found new contentment with her baby and business. She's behind the cute packaging beloved by our customers, and runs distribution for Kanvas. 



Skin Type:Oily (T-zone + chin), Dry / Dehydrated, Combination

Skin concerns:Redness around nose, dryness around cheeks; After years of wild nights out and sleeping in a full face of makeup, Kellie's in damage control!

Kellie is as blunt as a cheese knife – with a side of red wine of course! Everyone needs a friend like her – the honest truth will always come out of her mouth (sometimes colorfully packaged). Ultimately, Kellie is uber-supportive and strongly stands up for her convictions. She’s a skin-enthusiast, feminist, and the Creative Director here at Kanvas. Every design, drawing and colour palette you see on our sites and social media is her brainchild. 



Skin type:Oily but evolving. Usually well-behaved but sometimes rebellious.

Skin concerns: Has successfully dealt with rosacea, hyperpigmentation and subclinical acne.

Anura is a proud, brown feminist who splits her time between Hong Kong and Melbourne. She has it together (mostly) but admits she doesn't eat all her greens. Two months before her wedding, Anura suffered 1st degree burns to her face from a botched laser procedure and also developed rosacea, but handled it LIKE A BOSS (and her wedding was spectacular). However, these experiences made her realise how little relevance mainstream skincare and advice carries for darker skin tones. This is why she's on a mission to help the melanin-blessed find the resources they need and offer the skincare and beauty range they deserve.



Skin type: Sensitive/Irritative skin 

Skin concerns:Recently developed eczema and a reactive rash on her face. She's back to the drawing board!

Hannah is our *newest* blogger whose skincare journey began when she developed rashes and eczema on her skin. She also suffered with severe acne during her teens (to the point where she felt obligated to cover it with bangs). Through her pains, however, she's been able to relate to those with complicated skin. She's always excited to trial products that aim to help those with sensitive skin. One thing people might not know about her is that Hannah is a bona fide computer whizz. Last year she bought herself a motorbike and went skydiving - so that's two things crossed off her bucket list! 



Skin type:Normal skin type (always dewy looking, damnit)

Skin concerns: None. She's a vampire, gets drunk and sleeps with her makeup on. Uses wet wipes to clean her makeup off to our team's horror... and still looks fine.

Despite being successful and gorgeous, Linda can still doubt herself (hey, these moments find us all). However, she's made a journey these last few years and is finally starting to appreciate her worth. About time, we say. What's her weakness? Well, she’s hopeless with sticking to a skincare routine but on the flip side, is always ready to try something new. We love Linda just the way she is (don’t ever change...okay maybe just moisturise more).