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what we're using and loving

Suitable for newborn bums

Pyunkang Yul's ATO Nourishing Baby Oil gets the job done! It's being used on the newest bebeh in the office (a precious 3-week old) and it's helped enormously with dry skin and preventing nappy rash (to date(. With all natural ingredients and nothing harsh, it's also suitable for atopic skin conditions.

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A clarifying scalp cleanse

Our Beauty Editor is loving Dr. Ceuracle's Scalp DX Scaling Shampoo. It's definitely a more clarifying cleanse (so not suitable for daily shampoo-ers), but it was just perfect after giving birth and spending 5 nights in hospital increasingly greasy and sweaty hair! Ideal for product buildup too.

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An upgrade for your skin

So we tried a bunch of retinol serums lately, and this was our fave! ISNTREE's Hyper Retinol EX 1.0 Serum uses 0.1% retinol, 0.3% retinyl palmitate and 0.6% bakuchiol for an effective anti-aging formula. Haven't noticed a difference in fine lines yet, but our skin already seems brighter after just 3 weeks.

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Worth the hype!

Yes, we tried 3 different retinol serums at once. Yes, our skin cracked the poos. And incredibly, yes, Some By Mi's Beta Panthenol Repair Cream succeeded in quelling the heat and little red bumps that appeared on our skin in about 3 days! Plus, the gel formula smells so good AND it moisturises well without being oily.

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