How your periods affect your skin

Knowing your cycle, how your skin changes and how best to repond gives you the ability to treat your skin better and avoid many zits and sensitivity rashes! More power to you girl.

Day 1: Just after your period ends (the Follicular phase)

Defined by rising oestrogen and serotonin levels, your mood tends to improve and your skin tends to be at its best. Also, your barrier is usually the strongest here, making it the best time to try new skincare (especially if you have sensitive skin).
Try: Peels, vitamin C, retinol.

Day 14: Ovulation

You’re at peak glow and peak collagen levels! We reckon this is when the largest number of selfies without deletion occur.

Just after Ovulation but before your period (the Luteal phase)

If you’re prone to hormonal acne, skin sensitivity or oily skin, this is the danger zone. What happens is usually the inverse of the Follicular phase – i.e. declining oestrogen levels, thinner skin barrier, and increased sebum production. This is when you want to stick to a simple, tried and proven routine, cut down on pore-clogging makeup as well as ramp up the anti-acne treatments.
Try: Propolis, clay masks, BHA exfoliants.

Day 28: During your period (the Menstrual phase)

Our skin may become dryer and more vulnerable to inflammation during our periods, so use clean and moisturizing formulas.
Try: Sleeping packs, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

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