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Isolation blues got you too? Read this!

by Kanvas Beauty October 03, 2020 3 min read

Isolation blues got you too? Read this!

Hey girl, things suck right now, but it’s okay.

Hello Kanvas babes,

Wow. What a shitty year it has been! At first, we were all in denial that the world could turn upside down and kick us to the kerb (understatementit's probably worse than this). It's scary because we don’t know when everything is going to be 'normal' again, which sucks. On a positive note, we have learnt a lot about ourselves during this time. That is why it's so important to focus on what you're grateful for. Isn’t that a better way to look at things? (Anything to get us through iso, haha).

So, here's our list! If you haven’t done so, why not try some of these things out? It’ll kill time and you will learn new things about yourself. We'll see you on the other side xx

Being by yourself

Chill. Be on your own. Listen to music you like. Some of us actually can’t imagine anything worse but there is never enough "you time" (we’re business-consumed women, we know!).

Getting to talk to your friends in other cool ways

We had a "Zoom party" the other night to catch up and we all had wine. I have to admit it was a bit weird at first and we all had no makeup on... but maybe it'll be something we re-introduce on a lazy night in? And hey, no one's worried about how they’re all going to get home!


Is it not just the best thing in the world right now?

Getting shit done

Holy cow have you noticed your house is a lot cleaner? Your paperwork is all in order? Well, if it’s not go do it! You have the time now. Cleaning is therapeutic no matter what anyone says!

Appreciating the simple things

Going to an actual restaurant, going to the beach... man, we had it good. Damn we miss catching up over brunches! But when it all comes backwe’ll appreciate it so much more so let’s focus our attention on the things we can do now like family movie nights, virtual celebrations, art projects, bonding time with family, etc...

Obsessive learning and new passions

If you’re like us, you might be excessively learning... is this bad, you ask? No! We created an online friggin' store! I mean, we must be bored shitless! Other than that, Mish is writing a book, Kellie got herself an iPad and is now an avid Procreate illustrator, Linda’s found her love for jogging and now wants to adopt a dog she can love and cherish and take outside, Elle is loving alone time to be with her newborn bubba and working on marketing strategies for Kanvas Beauty... I mean, could all this have *really* happened if the 'rona didn’t? Fyi, we still hate the 'rona.

Life has slowed down

We live crazy lives. Especially if you’re like Kellie with a huge family and in-laws that she can’t get away from (she kind of misses them). You’ll appreciate the pace it’s currently at. Before all this, Mish had bookings for days for her new store. It’s like, for us, life has paused for a little peaceful while... it’s worth savouring.


Try it some time! Go outside for a nice walk and greet people as you're walking by... it’s nice. Or go lie outside at night and stargaze... or city skygaze. Still soothes the soul.

Into the future

Ten years from now, when this is all over, everyone who has missed their birthday or wedding or an important milestone will look back on this year and tell everyone about the 2020 pandemic. We will all laugh at brunch together and know there was a time when we couldn't do such things and in that moment, we will be filled with gratitude.


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