Self Love Thursday: DIY Oatmeal Milk Bath

Hello beautiful people in iso~ it's Thursday and we all know what that means—it's time to treat yo' self! Although it's starting to look like treat yo' self everyday because this iso thing is driving us all a little mad... Well, more love for ourselves! I'm not complaining! Winter is over, but the cold days are not over. The cold months to come can be very harsh on the skin, especially in Melbourne, Australia (AKA the city that can't decide what the weather is going to be).

So let's start with one of our favourites: oatmeal! It is *super soothing* and it only takes a few minutes! Store this product away from light under a sink and take it out after a long day. It will last up to 3 months if well kept in an airtight container and be sure to scoop with clean hands / scooper. Oatmeal is super hydrating; it refreshes the skin and makes it look renewed! This is *especially* good for those with skin rashes. 

This oat milk recipe is an oldie and quite popular. We've made a very simple and easy to do onethere are many recipes on the internet but ours is the best. 😉

One of our *favourite* things to do on the planet is to soak into a hot bath tub (alone) with a scoop of this oatmeal bath recipe to hydrate our skin! Just *thinking* about it makes us melt like jello. Also, this makes a lovely handmade gift for friends and family! We even put our own little label on it and it looks so damn cute!

Once you're done go spoil yourself and have that amazing bath! You'll thank us when you leave and your skin feels nourished and A-MA-ZING! Enjoy xx


Kanvas Kult Team

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