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Want better hair? Fix that scalp!

by Kanvas Beauty September 18, 2023 2 min read

Want better hair? Fix that scalp!

Before you go spending $$$ on hair products, get your scalp back to good health! Good hair begins with a healthy scalp, and your scalp matters for hair growth, volume, thickness and pliability. Got the following scalp issues? Try these solutions.


Common scalp issues

Pyunkang Yul's Low pH Shampoo & Innersense's Clarity Conditioner

Innersense's Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment & Acure's The Essentials Argan Oil & Innersense's Harmonic Healing Oil.

Some By Mi's Cica Peptide Hair Loss Series, Some By Mi's Cica Peptide Hair Loss Tonic SprayPyunkang Yul's Herbal Hair Loss Control Hair TonicPyunkang Yul's Herbal Hair Loss Control Shampoo & Conditioner.

Innersense's True Enlightenment Scalp ScrubInnersense's Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner & Some By Mi's Miracle Repair Hair Treatment.

Some basic hair tips

✓ If you have peroxided hair that needs a rescue, try massaging coconut oil or olive oil on dry hair and leave for two hours / overnight as a pre-wash treatment.

✓ ALWAYS apply conditioner on the mid-ends to the tips, and never directly on the scalp (unless the product specifically says otherwise). Conditioner is for your hair, not your scalp skin.

✓ Experiment with the frequency of hair washing - some people do well with a weekly wash, whereas others need a thrice weekly clean.

✓ Try diluting your shampoo in a small jug with warm water before applying to your hair and scalp, particularly if you have sensitivity issues.

✓ Don't overuse your shampoo and conditioner! Not only is this exxy, but you actually don't need that much (especially conditioner) for a great result.

✓ Did you know your hair is vulnerable to sun damage? If your spending hours out in the sun, try a light oil sun spray like this one from SVR.




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