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Find the best Korean sunscreen for your skin type

Whether your skin is oily, hyperpigmented, acne-prone, sensitized, or whatever it's throwing at you right now, we have the best K-Beauty sunscreen for you. All of these have been tried and tested by us, and we stand by our choices!   

For a totally invisible finish: Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen - Probiotics Relief Sun Essence

White cast? Never knew her. The Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen Essence is an enormously popular K-Beauty sunscreen that’s clean, vegan, cruelty-free and completely invisible – making it perfect for even the darkest skin tones. It's got a beautiful, lightweight texture that gives skin the right amount of dewy! Plus it applies well under makeup. The ingredients rate a mention, with brightening rice extract, niacinamide and wrinkle-fighting adenosine in the formula. If your skin is oily however, we'd probably avoid it because there is a bit of shine in the finish. Check out our next option instead.

Purchase the Beauty of Joseon sunscreen here.

For a matte finish: Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen - Matte Sun Stick (Mugwort + Camelia)

If you’re like me and have oily skin that’s only made worse with sunscreen, then you’ll love this chemical SPF from Beauty of Joseon. We think it's the best Korean sunscreen for oily skin. This sunscreen stick not only makes re-application a breeze, but it also ultra-matte, and can even help absorb a bit of shine on the T-zone! I never thought that was even remotely possible with sunscreen. No more greasy morning skin! It’s also invisible, so it won’t show up on tan skin tones. If you have dry skin, this might not be the one for you as the formula includes silica (which absorb excess oil on the skin’s surface). However, if you have congested or acne-prone skin which tends to be made worse by most sunscreens, the Beauty of Joseon Sunscreen stick would be an ideal fit.

Buy the Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick here.

For acne: Jumiso - AweSun Airy Fit Daily Moisturizer with SPF 

This niacinamide and hyaluronic-acid based formula is great for acne-prone skin! Vitamin B3 works to fade acne scars and combat blemishes, while the hyaluronic acid lends hydration without greasiness or blocking pores. The addition of silica means it also mops up excess sebum. Best part of it all, you can combine two steps in one, without need for a separate moisture or sunscreen. This is ideal for those whose congested skin struggles with layering multiple products. There are no fragrances or essential oils, the finish is invisible and the ingredients are clean and non-comedogenic! This makes it our best Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin.

Buy the Jumiso AweSun Airy Fit Daily Moisturizer with SPF here.

For the perfect base under make-up: Etude House Sunprise Mild Watery Light SPF50+ PA+++

This organic, dewy delight from Etude House is the best korean sunscreen to wear under makeup, in our opinion! Once dry, this superior formula does not pill or flake whatsoever. It does contain alcohol, so wouldn’t be our best choice for dry skin (our top pick for an SPF primer for dry skin is Black Girl Sunscreen) but works in harmony with oily or combination skin types. It dries fairly clear, and offers surprisingly high protection for such a lightweight feel. We like its light fragrance but if you don’t tolerate fragrances well, then this is one to avoid. Happily, Etude House has upgraded its formula to exclude essential oils, so sensitive skin shouldn’t find this irritating.

Purchase Etude House's Sunprise Mild Watery Light SPF50+ PA+++ here

For the best Korean sunscreen stick: ISNTREE - Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick

You've probably already heard about it, because it is so damn popular! Let me tell you, the hype is real. The texture is so pleasing, just silky, buttery and lightweight. It is a solid all-rounder, thanks to its clean ingredients, gliding application and slightly blurring, semi-matte finish. It's not greasy or drying, and suits a whole variety of skin types. Makeup wearers love it too. If you're thinking about trying a sun stick for the first time, we recommend you start with this one from ISNTREE!

Purchase the ISNTREE - Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick here.


For dehydrated skin: Heimish - Moringa Ceramide Hyaluronic Hydrating Watery Sun Cream 

Unlike some other SPF formulas which can be a bit sludgy in texture, the Moringa Ceramide Hyaluronic Hydrating Watery Sun Cream is thin, soothing and easily applicable. Plus it's not ultra-dewy either, so even if your skin is oily but dehydrated, you can definitely opt for this cream. It's just as the name suggests - watery-ish, not thick and greasy. There are some quality humectants in the formula, including moringa seed oil, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan and phytosphingosine. If you have dry skin on the other hand, we'd recommend something a bit creamier and heavier - read on to find our pick.

Buy the Heimish Moringa Ceramide Hyaluronic Hydrating Watery Sun Cream here.


For dry skin: COSRX - Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++

This classic is our best korean sunscreen for dry skin for 3 main reasons. Firstly, it's extremely moisturising, thanks to a creamy formula packed with aloe, glycerin and vitamin E. Secondly, it looks great on, finishing with a delicate dewy look. Thirdly, its sheer - so even though it is a hybrid formula, it blends well on darker skin tones (just take time to work it in if your skin tone is deeper than Fitzpatrick IV. We wouldn't recommended on skin darker than Fitzpatrick V). And for makeup users, it doesn't pill either. The only draw back is that it contains fragrant plant oils, which can irritate ultra-sensitive skin.

Purchase the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream here.

For sensitive skin: ISNTREE - Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel

This one is our best korean sunscreen for sensitive skin. Clean, vegan and with no artificial fragrances, it's got all the hallmark ingredients that make sensitive skin sing. Niacinamide? Check. Cica? Check. Heartleaf? Check!It is also very hydrating (without being greasy), and applies invisible. It honestly doesn’t have a lot of minus points, unless you're looking for a physical/mineral formula. 

Buy the ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel here.


For hyperpigmentation: I'm From Rice Sunscreen

I'm From's entire Rice series will have your skin living the 'rice is nice' mantra. This mineral sunscreen uses 41% Goami Rice Extract from the pristine Yeoju province in South Korea - famed for promoting a smoother skin texture as well as a brighter complexion. The key UV filter in use is zinc oxide, which is great for sensitive skin - but sadly, will likely leave a cast on deep skin tones. The texture is a crowd-pleasing, silky formula that blends well without any stickiness. Use it after the Rice Cream to double the brightening potency.

Purchase the I'm From Rice Sunscreen here.


For anti-ageing benefits: Mary & May Vegan Peptide Bakuchiol Sun Stick

The clean beauty Gods at Mary & May have developed a high protection sunscreen stick that is packed with bakuchiol, peptides (like 25 different types) and vitamin E to deliver sun protection AND anti-ageing benefits at the same time. Because it is a chemical fomula, it doesn’t leave a white cast which makes it suitable for any skin tone, and dries with a hint of a glow. There’s no alcohol in this formula, but it does (very randomly) contain some added flavour. Not that we've eaten it (please don't lol), but it is a rather weird addition for a skincare product. Otherwise, we love it!

Buy the Mary & May Vegan Peptide Bakuchiol Sun Stick here.


For colour-correcting: Dr Jart+ Every Day Tone-Up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

This mineral sunscreen has a pinkish-beige undertone to immediately “tone-up” or even out lighter skin tones. It’s a great base for make-up or if you want an airbrush effect over your skin. Unfortunately, it isn’t great for tan or darker skin given it is a physical sunblock. If you have fair to very fair skin however, you’ll love the finished look and smooth application. Over time, it’ll work to brighten skin given its relatively high concentration of niacinamide. It also claims to protect against blue-light damage, although whether or not topical creams actually can do this is still a moot point.

Purchase Dr Jart+ Every Day Tone-Up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ here

What you you think of our list? Agree or disagree? Or are there any other SPFs you think should be added on here? Let us know in the comments.