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Where To Buy Axiology in Australia? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide


You can shop the best of Axiology Beauty - including the über popular Axiology Balmies for natural lip colour, Axiology Lipsticks and Axiology Lip Crayons -  in Australia right here on Kanvas Beauty!


Axiology: Holiday Balmies set guide


Axiology Cosmetics: For zero waste makeup fans

Creator of the world's first zero waste 3-IN-1 lip crayons with intense pigments, Axiology Beauty just gets it. All of Axiology's products are made with a max of 10 sustainably-sourced vegan ingredients, the majority of which are organic. Its boxed packaging is made from recycled waste from Balinese beaches (yes, really!) and its lipstick tubes are made from 50% recycled plastic. It's beauty that puts the planet first. Most importantly, Axiology lipsticks are natural and vegan, but without sacrificing performance. There's a holy-grail shade for every lip, and Kanvas Beauty is proud to stock the entire award-winning range.


One of the best slow beauty brands on the market

Here’s what else you should know: Axiology practises “slow beauty”. Just as “slow fashion” became popular as the antidote to fast fashion labels pumping out clothing range after range with excessive waste, slow beauty is gaining relevance as customers review their consumption habits in favour of products that are more thoughtful to the environment. Slow beauty is all about using fewer products using ethically sourced ingredients and which employ sustainable production methods.  It’s also about encouraging us to take the time to invest in ourselves (rather than go for the cheapest product), and enjoy the little rituals that go along with applying skincare and makeup. Which, during the lockdowns and restrictions of 2020 and 2021, has been a relaxing outlet for many of us! When Kanvas Beauty place an order for Axiology, they make their lipsticks in small batches for us – which means that sometimes these products may be out-of-stock for longer, but trust us, the wait is worth it! It’ll be coming to you fresh, and with love. Find out more about what slow beauty means to Axiology here.


Axiology balmies: The byrdie 2021 eco award winner

The OG, award-winning cult product from Axiology is its Vegan Multi-Use Balmie. Featured in French Vogue, Allure and Byrdie, Balmies are one-swipe staples that have your eyes, lips and cheeks covered. These wear-anywhere crayons provide natural colour like high-end makeup but are gentle on your lips. This means lovely pigments without compromising on skin health. Packed with oils, butters, and antioxidants such as elderberry, hemp, and plum, you'll feel glam as well as nourished. This was the first product the company produced, after having tried a number of vegan lipsticks that they were less than thrilled with (some of which were so dry, they broke off in the middle). Not these babies! While it isn’t as hydrating as a lip gloss (given the lack of packaging, they have to be firm enough to stand unprotected), it imparts a lovely and buildable lip stain. Check out this Axiology Balmies review here from The Quality Edit for more detail.

Sometimes referred to as Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmies, they are wrapped in paper and rest in a recyclable carry case. This means that they’re 100% zero waste, and you can use them from tip to finish! Some of the most popular shades of Axiology Balmies include Peach and Watermelon – both of which are lovely on the cheeks and eyelids as well.

Tip: Use shades Champagne, Frosting, Chestnut and Caramel as highlighters!


Axiology Beauty Lipsticks: those buttery feels

For the best in organic, vegan lipsticks, it’s hard to go past Axiology. Their lipstick range is one of those rare makeup purchases that make your lips hydrated and healthy, as well as look bomb-diggity! Ultra-moisturizing and available in 19 richly-pigmented shades, all of Axiology's lipsticks provide incredible coverage and staying power. Made with just 10 ingredients including kokum butter, avocado and coconut oil, you'll love the super silky, buttery textures as much as we do. Despite the semi-recycled, sustainable packaging, these lipsticks are so artfully made that they look as high-end as they feel. Some of our favourite Axiology lipstick shades include Radiance, Attitude, and Loyalty – all of which match beautifully with a wide range of skin tones. Now that’s saying something, because they are some very picky makeup connoisseurs in our office! For a more in-depth look, check out this Axiology lipstick review (with swatches) here.

Tip: Put your balmies, lipsticks and crayons in this cuteAxiology Makeup Bag – which will stop your makeup from redecorating the inside of your handbag.


Axiology vegan semi-matte crayons: opacity meets moisture

A semi-matte lipstick that's also moisturizing? It's true! Axiology's Vegan Semi-Matte Crayons are all about that high payoff, high opacity, semi-matte life. When it comes to vegan lipstick, Australia has been somewhat short-changed compared to other countries in terms of choice and quality. This is particularly when it comes to matte ranges, which often leave our lips dry and flakey (making it hard to re-apply during the day). Axiology’s crayons were like a breath of fresh air – they were surprisingly moisturizing and velvety when applied (and also smell weirdly good).


the fast facts

Q: Which is better: Axiology lipstick or lip crayon?
A: The answer to that question depends on what you’re after. Both the Axiology lipstick and lip crayon are among the best vegan lipsticks around. Both are highly pigmented and buildable. However, if you’re looking for lustrous colour and a satiny-finish, you’ll probably prefer the lipstick. If opacity, contrast and a matte finish are what you want, then the semi-matte crayon will be your jam.  

Q: When was Axiology Beauty founded?
A: Axiology’s journey started in 2013, with a lot of trial and error. In fact, more than 200 formulations were made before they arrived at the perfection that is the Balmie that we know and love today! The brand officially launched from founder Ericka’s kitchen in 2014. And from little things, big things grow. Today, Axiology can be found all over the world, including Australia – at Kanvas Beauty! Read more about the journeyhere.

Q: Where is Axiology Makeup made?
A: Axiology makeup is made in Bend, Oregon – which is in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States. The products are lovingly made in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and to keep in tune with the ‘slow beauty’ ethos.

Q: Is Axiology cruelty-free?
A: In her own words, founder Ericka Rodriguez was horrified to learn that all the lipsticks she owned were tested on animals. After buying vegan lipsticks and not being particularly impressed by their performance, she set out to create Axiology. Axiology is most certainly cruelty-free and vegan. Not only does it not test on animals, but it doesn’t used any animal-derived ingredients in its formulas either (e.g. honey, beeswax, marine oils etc).


Find Axiology products online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop the best of Axiology Beauty - including the ultra-popular Axiology Balmies for natural lip colour, Axiology Lipsticks and Axiology Lip Crayons -  in Australia right here on Kanvas Beauty!

We ship Australia-wide, including all the major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra). Enjoy free standard shipping with any purchase over $50, and free express shipping with any order over $99. If you’re new to Kanvas Beauty, take an additional $20 off your first order with us (use code WELCOME20 at checkout).

Happy shopping! If you have further questions on Axiology or any of our other brands, drop us a line on: hello@kanvasbeauty.com.au.

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