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Where To Buy Dr Jart+ in Australia? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide

You can shop the best of Dr Jart+ - including the über popular Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream, the Dr Jart Cicapair Cream and the rest of the Cicapair range -  in Australia right here on Kanvas Beauty!



Dr Jart+: the beauty trailblazer

Celebrated Korean Beauty brand Dr Jart+ combines the art and science of skincare to bring you powerful, innovative formulas that deliver visible results. The recipient of countless industry awards, Dr Jart+ has been at the forefront of beauty trends since its inception in 2006. In fact, did you know Dr Jart+ was among the first to develop and introduce BB cream to the United States? Find out why so many adore this trailblazing brand. You can find the best of Dr Jart+'s products on Kanvas Beauty, including its famous Ceramidin and Cicapair ranges, as well as its OG beauty balms.


Dr Jart ceramidin range: The cult favourite

The laser-like focus on repairing a damaged skin barrier to fight a number of evils (including dry skin, fine lines, acne and redness is K-Beauty’s most important lesson – and there aren’t many Korean brands that do it better than Dr Jart. Its Ceramidin range (which always gives us a mental picture of smooth, ceramic-like skin) uses ceramides to repair, hydrate and plump. Ceramides are basically the fatty glue that binds our skin cells together to keep it looking plump and increase moisture retention. Harsh skincare, sun damage, laser treatments, over-exfoliation and the natural process of ageing can erode ceramides and damage our skin. Hence, it’s an important ingredient to have in our skincare.

Now, a lot of brands use ceramides – so what’s so special about Ceramidin? It comes down to Dr Jart’s proprietary 5-Cera Complex, making it so much more potent than its competitors. Take the Ceramidin Cream. When our Creative Director Kellie first applied the creamy, waxy Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, there was a notable difference the next morning. She didn’t wake up with that tight, pulling feeling and after consistent use, her skin was less itchy and considerably smoother. Fine lines were also less evident. The hype appears to be real, with 9 out of the 10 Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream reviews on Kanvas Beauty rating it 5 out of 5 stars! Even though it kinda looks like a thick, tinted paste, so you might be wondering what exactly is the Ceramidin Cream is used for. Despite its mild beige colour, this is strictly a moisturizer, and doesn’t provide any coverage.

For an amped-up routine, combine it with the Dr Jart Ceramidin Liquid and Serum. The former is essentially a rich toner that contains panthenol, cica and phyto extracts in addition to ceramides to soothe and prep the skin. The Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum meanwhile, reinforces the anti-ageing impact.


Dr Jart CICAPAiR RANGE: bye redness!

One of Dr Jart’s specialities is treating inflamed and redness-prone skin. It harnesses the magic of cica (also known as Centella or Tiger Grass) to calm rosacea, soothe irritation and reduce sensitivity. The unique, mint-tinted formulas also provide some mild colour correction.

The most popular product in the range is the Cicapair Cream (aka Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream). Kanvas Beauty stocks the renewed version, which contains a stronger dose of Madecassoside. This makes it perfect as a recovery and repair cream for irritated and sensitive skin. With other star ingredients such as Tiger grass and Dr Jart's Mineral and Herb Complex, it’s got the power to transform red, blotchy skin. It makes a dynamic duo with the Cicapair Serum – especially on the dry and rosacea-prone. The Dr Jart Cicapair Serum’s lightweight, watery texture penetrates extremely well to instantly deliver calm and moisture.

An honourable mention HAS to go to the Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (aka Cicapair Re-cover) – which you’ve probably already seen everywhere on TikTok. This viral sensation a redness treatment, colour-corrector, primer and BB cream all in one! Simply apply it on your skin, concentrating on areas of redness and uneven skin tone. The tint quickly neutralizes discoloration, turning beige upon contact with your skin for soft coverage and a mild tone-up effect.


dr jart rubber mask: weird-looking and oh-so-good

There’s no doubt that this brands masks have developed a cult following. As to which Dr Jart Mask is best, well the answer to that question really depends on what your skincare goal is. Their rubber masks definitely rate a mention, though. Not only are they probably the most recognizable mark of the Dr Jart brand (I mean, those weird semi-creepy baby faces), but they are also incredibly effective. This Dr Jart Face Mask is essentially a two-part treatment: First, pat the powerful essence on to your skin. Next, cover your face with the rubber sheet, sealing the goodness in for maximum absorption. These masks come in 3 forms - firming, brightening, moisturizing or soothing - so you can choose which one is most beneficial for your skin. Other Dr Jart Sheet Masks include the Ceramidin Barrier Mask (another of our favourites) and the Cicapair Mask. If you read the Dr Jart Mask Review on the US Sephora site, you’ll see a tonne of 5-star reviews from customers across the skin spectrum: oily, dry, fair, deep,  acne-prone, sensitive – you name it.


dr jart beauty balms: uv protection with all the extras

The Dr Jart BB Creams are this brand’s gift to the world. A moisturizer, soft tint and sun protection product all in one, it gives your skin a blurring coverage with a (usually) dewy finish. And there are many to choose from, with the Dr Jart Premium BB Cream, the Dr Jart Silver Label Cream and the Dr Jart BB Cream Black Label are among our customers top picks. The Premium BB is great for anti-ageing thanks to its peptide complex, the Silver Label for stronger coverage, and the Black Label for blemish-prone or sensitive skin. Our only gripe? The shades aren’t wide-ranging enough. This is very typical of K-Beauty makeup, keeping these great formulas out of reach of warmer, deeper and darker skin tones. Make it more inclusive, Dr Jart! It’s time!


the fast facts

Q: Is Dr Jart owned by Estee Lauder?
A: Dr Jart+ was first started as an online skincare brand by dermatologist, Dr. Sung Jae Jung and architect (yep, really!), Chin Wook Lee. After an incredible growth period and expansion to several countries around the world, it was purchased in November 2020 by Estee Lauder. More precisely, Estee Lauder bought South Korean cosmetics company Have & Be Co. Ltd., which owns Dr. Jart+.

Q: Does Dr Jart have a primer?
A: Dr Jart doesn’t offer primers, because it doesn’tneed to. That’s why the brand invented BB creams! These babies are primers, coverage, SPF protection and moisturizers all in one. It effectively streamlines your routine,

Q: Is Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream good for combination or oily skin?
A: Combination skin describes skin that is usually dry or dehydrated in the U zone and oily in the T zone. Ceramidin is great for balancing out combination skin and treating dry patches. We wouldn’t recommended it for oily skin, given it is extremely hydrating and may lead to congestion.

Q: Is Dr Jart good for acne?
A: In our view, we think Cicapair is excellent for inflamed and acne-prone skin. It can tame the redness and irritation associated with big breakouts. Skin dehydrated from harsh anti-acne treatments will find it doubly beneficial.

Q: Should I wash my face after a Dr Jart mask?
A: Don’t rinse off the goodness! After using a sheet mask, pat any remaining essence or serum into your skin until absorbed, and finish off with your favourite moisturizer. That way, you’ll receive the full benefit of the treatment.

Q: Can you re-use Dr Jart masks?
A: Dr Jart sheet masks (including their rubber masks) are NOT re-usable – make sure you dispose of it thoughtfully after using them! The essence within these masks is for a single application.


Find Dr Jart+ products online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop the best of Dr Jart+ - including the über popular Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream, the Dr Jart Cicapair Cream and the rest of the Cicapair range -  in Australia right here on Kanvas Beauty! While you’re having a browse, check out the Dr Jart V7 Range – particularly the Toning Light. This is a hyperpigmentation-focused set of products, and have found enormous popularity in Asia. Looking for a Dr Jart Sunscreen? Check out our newest addition, the Cicapair Sun Protector.

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