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Where To Buy Journ Beauty in Australia? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide


You can shop the entire range of Journ Beauty – including their color correctors and the Journ Beauty moisturizing hand sanitizer - right here in Australia on Kanvas Beauty!



Turn your makeup into skincare with Journ Beauty! Not only does this skin-focused cosmetics brand create makeup to address specific skin issues (such as hyperpigmentation, inflammation and acne), their products are also good for your skin! Yes, that's right: Journ blurs the line between makeup and skincare by creating products that conceal but also treat and improve your skin over time. Read on to find out more about its cult skin correctors and its exciting new product: a Journ Beauty moisturizer that’s ALSO a hand sanitizer!


Journ Colour correcting products: your skin will love you

When it comes to skin “correctors” Journ really means it in every sense of the word: its Correct and Perfect range doesn’t just cover up uneven skin tones. These bad boys also treat the root of the issue while you go about your day, whether that be sallowness, dry skin, acne, discolouration and more. This means the more you wear Journ’s colour correctors, the more your skin’s health improves over time! In fact, it was through her own struggles with cystic acne that Journ founder Sarah Shah realized the makeup she was wearing did nothing to address her particular skin tone or her acne. She also struggled to achieve a ‘natural’ look, having to layer makeup just to produce the level of coverage designed. That's how Journ was created.


“As a busy lawyer, I was frustrated with my routine of layering multiple skincare and makeup products to heal and conceal the areas affected. Even after all the effort, I was unable to achieve natural looking, flawless skin. I knew part of the problem was that the industry was not creating efficacious products for the underlying skin concerns experienced by women with medium to deeper skin tones.” – Sara Shah, Journ founder.


Available in 5 shades, these clean, vegan and cruelty-free formulas are also high performance, providing the ideal base under your foundation. It replaces your traditional tone correctors and concealer, being basically two products in one. AND, it doesn’t look lumpy or powdery, doesn’t require a zillion layers, and is tailored for different skin tones so you can achieve that perfect ‘lewk’.



Forget almond oil for dark circles! The reviews suggest the jury is out on its efficacy, but the ratings for Journ’s Marrakech and Kauai skin colour correctors are solid: this stuff works.

If you’re wondering how to conceal hyperpigmentation on medium to very dark skin tones, then Journ’s Marrakech Correct and Perfect is right for you. It’s formulated with a host of brightening ingredients, including beta-carotene, niacinamide and vitamin C. These skincare heroes work to minimize the appearance of dark circles, as well as hyperpigmentation. Those who deal with skin discoloration know how difficult it can be to find out what color corrects dark spots well! This creamy, burnt sienna-hued product is extremely light but still provides medium coverage on first swipe, which is buildable. A little bit like orange concealer, it also tone corrects melasma – just apply your favourite foundation on afterwards.

If you have fairer skin, reach for the Kauai color corrector. Like all of Journ’s skincare, it’s made with stellar ingredients, including antioxidant-rich white lily, kukui nut, niacinamide and vitamin C. And if you’re wondering how it performs, just check out these Kauai reviews on the Journ website:

“I was sceptical that this could hide my very dark under eye circles (I’ve had them my whole life), since it shows up orange. But it works!!! You only need the tiniest amount..(it took a couple tries to get the hang of it) I’m very happy with this product!”

“I have tried many, many correctors, spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right tone to make my dark circles melt away. Some made me look older, others made me look cakey, and still others would just wash away. This was the FIRST corrector I've ever used that has actually worked! Whenever I wear it, everyone thinks I look so much fresher. My pictures come out wonderful and most importantly, I FEEL confident and beautiful! Thank you so much for making a corrector fit for South Asian skin. A little bit of product goes a long way and I'm so glad I invested in something so wonderful! I can't wait to try the other products for my acne.”

Yep, we’re sold!


what color corrects redness? DEW

Rosacea-prone and sensitive skin, this one’s for you! Dew color corrects and hydrates your skin. At the same time, it soothes redness and irritations. Suitable for all skin tones, the green melon coloured formula uses flavonoids, neem extracts and fatty acids to calm blotchy and inflamed skin. Dew won’t have you worried that you’re going to further annoy your delicate skin by wearing makeup over it. In our experience, it’s the best product we’ve tried in covering up rosacea effectively (and without further exacerbating it). And it’s not just us that love it – check out this Journ Beauty review on Dew:

“I have worked in the makeup and skincare industry for years, working for brands like MAC, Sephora, YSL with derms and am a certified Medical esthetician so it's rare to fully please me or, for something to get a stamp of approval. At Sephora, I‘d often recommend things that weren’t Band-Aid solutions - meaning I want to help resolve the issue at hand and not just cover it up. So, I do not take reviews lightly and can say there is a huge lack for something this incredible on the market, I have yet to touch or find anything like it. So as hypey as this sounds... This thing is a miracle worker. The tiniest dot goes a long way so you need next to nothing - meaning it will last you months, the packaging is amazing so you can get every last bit out (I mean it also looks super zen and earthy to), and lastly, let's speak to its functionality, the specific green/opacity that it uses is remarkable in covering redness instantaneously, better for drier skin types.. If your erythema (redness) comes from having more of a compromised barrier or dryness such as rosacea, eczema, or chapped winter skin even.. This hydrating corrector has your name on it... This product spoke volumes to me and everyone I've shared it with :). This review is in MY opinion and I was not sent any products for review purposes and, have no regrets (AMEN sista) .. I actually saw it on Bobbi Brown's Insta story *gasp*, good luck to everyone else on their journey.”


what colour corrects sallow skin? alpenglow

Looking for sallow skin makeup? We got you. One of Journ’s most popular products is Alpenglow. This lavender coloured cream corrector treats a dull and sallow skin tone like a dream. Suitable for all skin tones, it uses ingredients like vitamins C & E, polyphenols and L-arbutin to brighten and even reduce the appearance of fine lines over time.

You might be wondering – what is sallow skin and what is Alpenglow going to do about it? Sallowness is when your natural complexion starts to lose the oomph of youth. It’s a completely normal process as we age and isn’t harmful in the slightest! You may notice increased dryness, a more yellowy or duller tone, and sun spots. Sometimes however, sallow skin is caused by external factors – such as a vitamin deficiency, a smoking habit, stress and yes – poor skincare. You’ll want to address those asap if that’s the case. And in the meantime, Alpenglow helps offset the physical effects.


What’s the best color correction on acne scars? matcha

Acne scars (including those from cystic acne), are some of the hardest to cover up and appear natural – just ask Journ’s own Sara Shah. This is because of the typically textured appearance of acne-prone skin. In addition, heavy concealers and tone correctors aren’t usually great for treating or controlling acne: in fact, they can block the pores and exacerbate the severity of an existing breakout.

Journ Beauty’s Correct and Perfect in Matcha, however, provides offsetting coverage whilst regulating sebum production and minimizing the appearance of pores and acne scars over time. Suitable for all skin types including darker skin, it has a sencha green tea colour to tone down redness.  Formulated with natural AHAs, vitamins A & C, niacinamide and seaweed, you’ll actually feel like you’re doing your skin a favour! And because the formula is so lightweight, it won’t feel chunky or serve to highlight the texture on your skin.



If you're new to using a colour corrector, then start your own Journ-ey by taking Journ's skincare quiz here. Then, have a look at Journ’s tutorials, which goes through each product and how to best apply them. The wonderful part is that the tutorials feature a wide range of different skin tones and concerns. Customers find them enormously helpful in getting the most out of their Journ Correct and Perfect item! And, if you scroll down, you can also see all the social media makeup reels from various Journ fans all over the world. Seriously, we spend hours watching these – the difference before and after is so satisfying.

Once you’ve got the product and the knowledge, begin on clean and moisturized skin. All you need is a teeny, apple-sized seed amount (no exaggeration). Warm it up using a fingertip, and gently dot it on the area(s) of concern. You can also apply it with a concealer brush or a sponge (once its warmed up on the back of your hand, otherwise it will apply too thick). Dab outwards to blend. You can repeat these steps if you need extra coverage. Finally, apply a thin layer of foundation – no concealer necessary!


ALSO: a first of its kind moisturizer and hand sanitizer

ALSO from Journ is a first-of-its-kind hand moisturizer that also sanitizes (clever!). Enriched with a blend of shea butter, hibiscus and jojoba, the creamy formula will hydrate and nourish your skin while also quietly eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria. We’ve never seen anything like it – this baby looks just like body butter! Keep one in your handbag and another on your desk. ALSO meets the FDA and American CDC guidelines for hand sanitizer. It’s the perfect product in a post-CoVid-19 world.


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