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Where to Buy Les Secrets de Loly in Australia & NZ? | Buying Guide

You can shop Les Secrets de Loly online in Australia and New Zealand - including the popular Les Secrets de Loly Boost Curl and Les Secrets de Loly Magic Twist right here on Kanvas Beauty! Kanvas Beauty are the official stockist for LSL which means collabs, freebies and promotions....stay tuned.

Les Secrets de Loly haircare: The curl authority

What's French for incredible curly and textured haircare? It might as well be Les Secrets de Loly! This vegan, cruelty-free and WOC-owned brand was created in 2009, but really exploded in the last few years across Europe as both the natural hair and 'curly girl' movements took off. LSL was also powered by a huge natural haircare forum started by the founder Loly, which had over 100,000 members at the time the brand was created. Members were looking for the best ways to care for their mane that simply couldn't be found in mainstream beauty: it had to produce results, skip oppressive chemicals and enhance the natural beauty of type 2-4 hair. Hence, LSL was born! Amen to that.


Who is Loly and what is her secret?

Les Secrets de Loly literally translates into 'Loly's Secrets'. The brand's creator is a proud black French businesswoman, who created a blog of tips for managing all kinds of textured hair (kinky, coily, curly and wavy) called bouclesetcotons.fr ('curls et cottons'). Safe to say, Loly understood textured hair, its diversity, history and requirements for optimal health. Hence, she began making natural haircare products to a commercial quality specifically tailored to textured hair types. And boy, it took off like a rocket! So that's Loly's secret: she gets textured hair, and she knows what it needs for curly peeps to showcase the pure glamour of their natural mane. This means no sulfates, silicones, alcohol and mineral oils. No harsh straightening chemicals. And no generic formulas.

Les Secrets de Loly for coily hair

Coily hair (i.e.type 3 and 4 hair) that forms defined and elastic curls that look like, well, coiled springs! Important for this hair type is the right nutrition to strengthen the hair fibre, as well as balanced hydration to soften hair without weighing it down. 

Many of the products that suit kinky hair also suit coils; e.g. Les Secrets de Loly Perfect Match ShampooPink Paradise Conditioner and Les Secrets de Loly Kurl Potion Superfood Milk. But instead of the Magic Twist Nourishing Cream, try the Les Secrets de Loly Boost Curl Jelly to activate the springy form of the hair, defining each coil and making them look glossy (without looking 'crunchy'). 


Les Secrets de Loly for curly hair

Curly hair (i.e.type 3 hair) is a pretty broad category, and range from loose to tight curls of various sizes. Good curls are well defined, and generally require light, daily hydration to preserve their formand shine. Over-hydrating however, can weigh curls down.

A great routine for curly hair includes Les Secrets de Loly Perfect Match Shampoo, Les Secrets de Loly Cream Conditioner and Les Secrets de Loly Kurl Potion Superfood Milk as the leave-in of choice. The Les Secrets de Loly Boost Curl Jelly is perfect to define and hydrate curls. You can also apply this routine to wavy hair.



Q: Is Les Secrets de Loly a French brand?
A: If you couldn't already tell from the name, mais oui, Les Secrets de Loly is a proud, black-owned French brand! Want to know more? The brand has its own podcast about the glory of natural hair, called "My Hair My Power". It is in French but if you are a Francophone and want to check it out, you can stream it here. Topics include boosting your children's love of their natural hair, how to manage frizz and how to embrace natural hair yourself. For most of us, it's enough of an ask to embrace ourselves just the way we are, and more so for a beauty hallmark that's not typically represented in conventional beauty standards in the West (such as textured hair).

Q: What is the difference between Les Secrets de Loly Kurl Potion and Kurl Nectar?
A: The Kurl Nectar is lighter than the richer Kurl Potion. The Nectar has jojoba and sweet almond oils as well as mango butter, and is more suitable for dry hair and children's hair. 

Q: Is Les Secrets de Loly Magic Twist only suitable for children?
A: Not in the slightest! While Magic Twist was made speficially for the kiddos, it is one of the most nourishing products in the LSL range. This means it's suitable for frizzy, very curly and kinky hair for adults too. 

Q: I'm losing my hair. What Les Secrets de Loly products can help stimulate hair regrowth?
A: According to LSL, hair loss can be linked to different factors; including lifestyle, stress levels, hormones etc. Assessing the cause is critical because then the hairloss can effectively be stopped. In terms of hair products, it can take time to work - roughly 3 months of consistent usage. For 4C hair specifcally, there are also food supplements that can be helpful. In terms of products, Les Secrets de Loly Growth Serum is the key one. Apply it using a relaxing but vigorous massage technique too boost circulation and help stimulate growth.

Q: Is Les Secrets de Loly good for straight hair?
A: Yes, Les Secrets de Loly is also great for straight hair, particularly thick or coarse or damaged hair! Its formulas are incredibly replenishing and can encourage moisture retention. However, if you have very fine hair, we'd avoid LSL as it can be too rich - resulting in a flat appearance.

Q:Is Les Secrets de Loly clean?
A: There’s no universal standard or definition of what’s considered ‘clean’ when it comes to haircare and cosmetics. However, in our opinion Les Secrets de Loly is clean haircare: there are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, SLS or harsh chemical you can think of. It does however, contain essential oils which lend their formulas a lovely, natural fragrance.

Q: Where to buy Les Secrets de Loly products?
A: Now you already know the answer to that! And if you’re still not sure, keep scrolling 



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