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Where to Buy Raeka Beauty in Australia & NZ? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide

You can shop Raeka Beauty in Australia and New Zealand right here on Kanvas Beauty! Kanvas Beauty are the official stockist for Raeka Beauty, which means collabs, freebies and promotions. Even though we don't stock the old favourites (the Raeka Beauty Illuminating Tumeric Polish and the Raeka Beauty Tumeric Cucumber Peel Off Mask), we're brining all the brand new relaunched products, with new ones released regularly....stay tuned.


Raeka Beauty: A South Asian Beauty Brand

Get to know Raeka Beauty, a proud South Asian brand that represents the very best of the vibrant Asian sub-continent: it's bold, colourful and inspired by ancient wisdom. This vegan and cruelty-free Texan-based brand exploded on the skincare scene a few years back, and adds a strong voice to the (woeful) lack of brown representation on the skincare scene. But let it be known that its products are for everyone! You'll love Raeka's clean, herbal formulas which marry powerhouse Ayurvedic ingredients such as tumeric, camphor and Indian Sarsaparilla with clinical favourites such as vitamins C & E.

How it All Began

Like some of the best skincare brands out there, how Raeka Beauty came about was almost accidental. While she was prepping for her entry into law school almost a decade ago, founder Raeka Morar began concocting lotions with traditional Indian herbs such as turmeric and clove oil as a hobby. Her friends loved using them, and, seeing something in it, encouraged her to attend a holiday market with her goods. Lo and behold, Texan shoppers wiped out all 33 of her USD$50 tins of handmade lotions! With such encouraging feedback, she knew she had something worth pursuing. And so while in law school, she built Raeka Beauty and the brand took off. Customers loved the ayurvedic ingredients in formulas that were more accessible and easier to decipher than traditional ayurvedic products. Popular products included "the world’s first peel-off turmeric mask" and the Illuminating Turmeric Polish (you can read Allure's glowing review here).


Why Raeka Beauty is Re-Launching its Brand

With the brand already successful, why the rebrand, you may ask? In Raeka's words, she wanted to reposition the brand with an open focus on South Asian beauty. That means wider inclusivity in who its packaging and formulas appeal to, as well as improved sustainability credentials. She also didn't want to be known as an Ayurvedic brand - while the formulas are inspired by traditional Indian ingredients, its important to recognise that South Asian beauty is wider than Ayurveda and that Raeka Beauty has its own identify. Hence, you're seeing the brand refresh, and relaunch with two products: the Lather Down Cleanser, and the Quench Me Moisturiser.


Raeka Beauty Lather Down Cleanser: Get to know Indian Sarsaparilla

One key aspect of Raeka Beauty is that it takes the (sometimes daunting) herbal remedies of the Ayurvedic world and applies them to modern formulas. The Raeka Beauty Lather Down Cleanser is a key example of this. The standout ingredient in this silky foaming cleanser is Indian Sarsaparilla. This tropical vine has long been used in traditional medicine to treat various skin conditions such psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Rich in saponins as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it works beautifully in this gel-based cleanser to purify and get into those pores without drying. Plus, it's free of any harmful chemicals as well as silicones (perfect for those whose skin gets easily clogged). While silicones definitely have a firm place in skincare (hello, damaged skin barrier) and is ubiquitous in K-Beauty in particular, it's not great on oily skin prone to blackheads. Which is where a silicone-free cleanser like Lather Down comes in to do the work!


Raeka Beauty Quench Me Moisturiser: Delivering the goodness of Camphor

An underused ingredient in the West, Camphor has been a go-to in Asian medicine to soothes and calm dermal irritations. And it's front and centre in the creamy but lightweight Raeka Beauty Quench Me Moisturiser. Thanks to its anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties, it can work well on all acne types - including fungal acne, hooray! We love that the formula also includes turmeric root for antioxidant protection, and doesn't lack for moisture thanks to a heavenly trio of vitamin E, aloe and shea butter. Like the Lather Down Cleanser, it's also silicone free, making this a top pick for acne-prone, oily and combination skin. It doesn't hurt that it smells lovely too - thanks to camphor's natural woody, herbal scent. 


Q: Is Raeka Beauty an Indian brand?
A: While Raeka Beauty has its origins in India, the company is U.S.-based. The founder, Raeka Morar, is an Indian American based in Texas. Hence, you'll see a lot of tried and true Ayurvedic features married to more Western-trending formulas. As she said in an interview with BeautyIndependent.com, “I wanted to have a brand that...celebrated tradition and the wisdom of our ancestors...but I didn’t want to be the gatekeeper of this ancient medical system.”

Q: Is Raeka Beauty vegan?
A: Raeka Beauty is both vegan and cruelty-free! There are no animal products in its formulas, and it aims to make them as clean as possible. This means no parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or silicones.

Q: Who is Raeka Beauty?
A: The woman behind Raeka Beauty is Indian-American Raeka Morar! A former law student, she set out on a very different path when she realized there was a big gap in the market for a truly inclusive, South Asian brand that reflected the subcontinental heritage without being strictly Ayurvedic.

Q: Is Raeka Beauty good for acne?
A: We think Raeka Beauty is particularly good for acne. The formulas don't contain silicones, which may result in clogged pores on oilier skin, and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Indian Sarsaparilla and Camphor to sooth redness.

Q: Where to buy Raeka Beauty products?
A: Now you already know the answer to that! And if you’re still not sure, keep scrolling 



You can shop Raeka Beauty Australia and New Zealand right here on Kanvas Beauty.

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