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Where to Buy SKIN&LAB in Australia & NZ? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide


You can shop Skin and Lab online in Australia and New Zealand - including the popular Skin and Lab Vitamin C Serum right here on Kanvas Beauty! Kanvas Beauty are the official stockist for Skin & Lab, which means collabs, freebies and promotions....stay tuned.


SKIN&LAB: Clinical results at home

With a medical approach to skincare, the formulas from cruelty-free Korean brand SKIN&LAB aims to give you clinical results at home. This means derm-approved, hypoallergenic products that deliver on its promises. Central to its message is maintaining a healthy barrier no matter your skin goal - so while you're treating one skin concern, you aren't creating another in the process. Plus, let's not forget SKIN&LAB is also a dream to use, with gorgeous textures and natural scents. It comes from the same company that made popular brand I'm From, by the way - so you know they only create good stuff.


SKIN&LAB Vitamin C Brightening Serum: A Vit C serum with an important difference

If we had to name the brand's most popular serum, then this would be it! The SKIN&LAB Vitamin C serum offers all the good stuff you'd find in other vitamin C serums. It's certified vegan as well as cruelty free, and is made without essential oils, artificial fragrances, drying alcohols, or any ingredient rated "icky" by Inci Decoder.

The main form of vitamin C used is the stabilized 3-O-Ethyl. This means it is relatively more immune to oxidization, although we would still recommend storing it in a cool, dark place. This is because the formula also includes pure vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), albeit lower in the ingredients' list. In addition, there's niacinamide, glutathione and turmeric root extract, which complete the set of brightening ingredients.

But wait, there's more! And no, it's not a free set of steak knives. There are also some incredible anti-ageing additions. Apart from hyaluronic acid and a small amount of retinol, there's adenosine (a cell-communicating ingredient that helps repair skin and fade fine lines) and a duo of peptides: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. Now, we need to talk about these two ingredients in more detail. Together, they make up a patented compound known as Matrixyl 3000. Essentially, Matrixyl 3000 has been shown trick the skin into thinking its collagen has broken down, and it needs to create more. It's so effective, that many beauty brands now produce Matrixyl 3000 serums as part of their anti-aging range. Combined with vitamin C and all the other goodies the Skin and Lab Vitamin C Brightening Serum has to offer, you can fight hyperpigmentation, fine lines and a lack of elasticity all in one hit rather than using 3 different products. No wonder the reviews are glowing on this one (pardon the pun)! And for the sensitive skin people out there, we didn't register any burning on our eczema/rosacea prone skin. We put it down to the host of skin-soothers in the formula (told you this serum has it all), including trehalose, panthenol and bioflavonoids. Still need more convincing? This made to Amazon's Choice - reserved only for the very best products.


SKIN AND LAB Porebarrier Cleansing Balm: Put your blackheads on notice

We've tried some fabulous BHA toners in our time. BHA (or salicylic acid) can clarify pores, eliminate acne and render skin smoother but  at the same time, can also be drying. If you love the pore clarifying effect of BHA but find it too drying in toner / serum form, then give this Skin and Lab Cleansing Balm a go! This balm is made with Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, which is a type of oil soluble BHA originally made by L'Oreal. Its larger molecular weight compared to regular salicylic acid means it is less likely to irritate or dry out sensitive skin. But it will still help dislodge blackhead-causing dirt and sebum. Plus, it's another one of SKIN&LAB's certified vegan products, substituting the commonly-used beeswax for synthetic wax instead. 


Skin and Lab Barrierderm Milky Serum: The best barrier-repairing serum we've tried

When it comes to skincare, it's really horses for courses, different strokes for different folks, what works for one may not for another - you get the drift. So, it's not often that we like to use the word 'best' for any particularly product. That is, until this Skin and Lab Serum came along! 

Now, why do we like it so much? First of all, it comes with a clean ingredients list. There are no fragrances (artificial or natural), drying alcohols or any other potential skin irritants. Nor are there any active ingredients that are generally excellent skin soothers, but might not be great on skin whose barrier is heavily compromised and burning and every turn e.g. niainamide and hyaluronic acid. Many barrier serums rightfully include these ingredients because yes, both hiacinamide and HA have repairing qualities. With that said, there is a small number of us who will find those ingredients irritating when our barrier has been nuked by overexfoliating or sunburn! 

Instead, the Skin&Lab Barrierderm Milky Serum uses plenty of other healing and hydrating ingredients, such as squalane, glycerin, glycose, fructose and panthenol. Squalane is also a skin-identical ingredient, as are lycine, arginine, cholesterol (yep! Bad for your heart but excellent for your skincare routine) and ceramides. They all help mimic the function of a healthy skin barrier, meaning your skin can get it with repairing itself without being overly vulnerable to external aggressors. 

Despite so many moisturizing ingredients, the Skin&Lab Milky Serum is far from oily or greasy: as its name suggests, it is a thin, milky emulsion that sinks quickly into the skin without leaving a residue. The texture and finish is one of the things we love most about it, because it won't clog pores or irritate acne. In fact, it's a great companion to harsh anti-acne treatments such as prescription retinoids and benzoyl peroxide (both of which can leave skin dryer than the Sahara). It's allso rosacea-friendly and safe to apply on atopic skin conditions. 

Lastly, at $38 for a generously-sized 50ml bottle of serum, it is excellent value and lasts for a long time. What more could you ask for? Well, we suppose there is one thing - unfortunately, it is not a vegan product, because of the inclusion of the brand's Milk Protein complex. All SKIN&LAB skincare is cruelty-free, of course, but the Barrierderm range is not vegan-friendly for this reason. 

Don't forget the other products in the Barrierderm range! There is also the other favourite, Skin and Lab's Barrierderm Intensive Cream (ultra-moisturizing but somehow so good on cystic acne-prone skin), the Barrierderm Relief Balm (one for mild "slugging" or persistently dry skin to prevent moisture loss) and the new Barrierderm Mild Foaming Cleanser (a crowd-pleasing, inoffensive cleanser to suit everyone). 


Skin&Lab Sunscreen: Light & lovely

There are two Skin and Lab sunscreens on the market. There's the new Barrierderm Think Family Sun Lotion, and the increasingly popular Skin and Lab Hybarrier Sun Lotion. Sadly (for those with a good memory), the old Skin and Lab Fre-C Sun Lotion is no longer in circulation.

The Hybarrier Fresh Sun Lotion is a lightweight, chemical formula that won't leave a white caste (hooray! Melanin-friendly!) and is all about targeting dehydrated skin without greasiness. It combines 8 types of hylauronic acid of different molecular weights for optimal penetration, along with soothing niacinamide and arginine (an amino acid known for its hydrating and plumping effects on the skin). With a silky texture that sits well under makeup, this dermatologically-tested formula is steadily climing up the ranks. Here's what else you should know - while this has not been TGA tested (very few, if any K-beauty sunscreens are, mainly because Australia is not their main market), its been clinically tested by the Korean equivalent body and found to be SPF50+ / PA++++. This means broadspectrum protection, which is necessary for the best defence against UV damage. Plus, it is reef-safe and free from endocrine disruptors such as oxybenzone and octinoxate.


Honorable mentions

  • Skin and Lab Vitamin B Gel Cream: The Skin&Lab Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Cream is like a cool drink of water for your skin. What we love about is that it uses an almost 5% concentration of soothing panthenol (i.e. vitamin B5) to calm redness and irritation. This is a solid amount, given that as little as 1% in a formula can make a big difference to the skin! Plus, it uses excellent humectants such as mannitol (a type of sugar molecule that binds moisture to your skin), sucrose and various types of hyaluronic acid to effectively correct dehydration. It feels amazing when popped in the fridge and applied after a mild sunburn (aahhhhh), or on heated rosacea. It's also a moisturizer we'd recommend for oily but parched skin, to restore moisture without amping up the grease factor.
  • Skin&Lab - Tricica Barrier Relief Cream: Now, we know the Skin&Lab Medicica Calming Cream had a small but intense loyal following - so if you've seen it disappear from shelves, don't fret! It's been rebranded, repackaged and improved as the Tricica Barrier Relief Cream (soon to be arriving at Kanvas Beauty). It's an exclusive solution for acne and congestion prone skin, and can work wonders thanks to an anti-inflammatory powerhouse combination of cica, tea-tree and Houttuniya Cordata. 
  • Skin&Lab Red Serum: Hyperpigmentation? Acne scars? Fine lines? Large pores? Get you a serum that does it all! The Red Serum from SKIN&LAB is supercharged with antioxidant-rich 'red' ingredients like pomegranate, raspberry, acai and lycium. Alongside wild yam, sweet almond oil and brightening licorice extract, this serum firms, fades, revitalizes and hydrates for a more youthful look. The Red Serum is a great dupe for Mamonde's Red Energy Recovery Serum and is probably superior due to these three reasons: 1. SKIN&LAB is cruelty-free; 2. The Red Serum is more affordable; and 3. While both serums use alcohol as a stabilizer, it appears to be a far smaller amount in SKIN&LAB's Red Serum behind all the key ingredients, whereas it's the third ingredient on Mamonde's ingredients' list. 



Q: Is SKIN&LAB good?
A: SKIN&LAB is an excellent skincare company with a reputation for results. There's nothing gimmicky or fluffy about it, which is why we think the brand should belong in virtually everyone's bathroom products. It's also underrated in Australia and New Zealand for whatever reason, despite clean formulas, great messaging and effective results. Give it a try and see the difference! If you're looking to start somewhere, try the Vitamin C Brightening Serum or the Barrierderm Intensive Cream. You'll never look back.

Q: Is SKIN&LAB vegan?
A: SKIN&LAB is certified cruelty-free but not all its products are vegan. However, it does offer a range of vegan products, including its popular Vitamin C Brightening Serum and Porebarrier Cleansing Balm. 

Q: Is SKIN&LAB Korean?
A: SKIN&LAB is a proud K-Beauty brand! It's made by LAB&Company, which also created K-Beauty powerhouse I'm From. So when it comes to good skincare. SKIN&LAB know what they're doing. 

Q: Is the Skin and Lab Glacial Clay Mask still available?
A: Sadly, the Skin and Lab Glacial Clay Mask is no longer available. Skin and Lab went through a thorough brand revamp, and although that product had a fan following, it got chopped. It might however, be re-released at some stage in the future given the new range is yet to feature a clay mask!

Q: Is the Skin and Lab Red Serum still available?
A: The Skin and Lab Red Serum and the Red Cream are still very much available! These two classics still feature within the available range, despite a thorough product revamp. You can purchase the Red Serum here at Kanvas Beauty. 

Q:What happened to the Skin and Lab Vitamin Creams?
A: We loved the Skin and Lab Vitamin Creams, and so did you - we know! We asked the brand about it, and sadly they have been discontinued. We hope at some stage in the future they'll bring them back - especially the Vitamin A and Vitamin C Cream, which were especially popular as gentler, sensitive skin-friendly alternatives to serums.

Q: Where to buy SKIN&LAB skincare?
A: Now you already know the answer to that! And if you’re still not sure, keep scrolling 



You can Skin and Lab Australia and New Zealand right here on Kanvas Beauty.

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