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A Skin-Quenching Brightening Serum

by Kanvas Beauty March 29, 2021 4 min read

A Skin-Quenching Brightening Serum

My review of K-Beauty brand Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum

A good vitamin C serum is an integral part of my skincare routine. Stuck with oily, rosacea-prone, sensitive skin that is occasionally susceptible to hormonal acne (oh, the joys), using vitamin C has helped fade acne scars, counteract redness, and, if it’s a really good serum, make me glow like a mermaid highlighter.

Usually, I’d opt for a pure vitamin C serum, giving stabilized formulas the side eye. Stabilized formulas like Klairs’ Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum have a much longer shelf life than pure vitamin C formulas. But if it’s not threatening to oxidize on me, does it even work?

I put Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum to the test. TL;DR: I was pleasantly surprised.


What is Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum about?

Formerly known as Drop the Vita C Facial Serum, this newer, better version is more stable, which is why it comes in a rather lightly-hued bottle rather than opaque packaging. It’s also more of an all-vitamin elixir rather than a pure vitamin C product. The All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum is formulated with vitamins A, B, D, E & K as well. Hey, the more the better as far as I’m concerned. Lay it all on me!

The main ingredient is sea buckthorn (aka Hippophae Rhamnoides or Vitamin Tree), a plant naturally rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. Jumiso also includes goodies such as hyaluronic acid, Cica, niacinamide, chamomile, green tea extract AND licorice root extract. It’s pretty much a dream roll call of skincare ingredients. What you’ll glean from this is that Jumiso is bringing two worlds together with this serum: brightening skincare and soothing skincare. Given that many vitamin C serums out there come with an uncomfortable tingling sensation for sensitive skin types such as myself, I was eager to see whether the addition of calming ingredients would make a difference.


Texture and application

Jumiso mentioned users may experience a ‘heating’ sensation on application but I felt the opposite. The texture of All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum is like a thin gel, and felt very cooling and hydrating on my skin. It has a vague, mild citrus scent (barely detectable) and absorbs fairly quickly. Excitingly, my sensitive skin didn’t protest and I didn’t even feel a hint of tingling. All-in-all, it makes for a very comfortable wear. It’s supposed to be used twice a day, but given I already have a very packed skincare repertoire in the evenings, I prefer to keep my vitamin C serums for morning use only.


The results

Now admittedly, my ideal skincare product is not just one that delivers, but delivers IMMEDIATELY. But skincare is a process, it’s not always about instant gratification (but damn, I wish it would be). Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing serum works, no doubt. But it takes time (longer than other vitamin C serums I’ve used) and regular use. I could have also hindered the whole operation given I only used it once a day instead of the recommended twice daily. After the first week, I didn’t wake up with a radioactive glow but because it felt soothing and hydrating, I enjoyed using it. Around the 3-week mark, I was scrutinizing my skin in the bathroom mirror as I am sometimes guilty of doing, and realized it was actually brighter and much more even-toned. My dry U-zone was more hydrated without my problematic T-zone getting oilier. Overall, my skin was the picture of good health. It was around this time that I did a short video for Kanvas Beauty on the merits of using a vitamin C serum (without any foundation). You can check out my 'glow' in the video here, which was after about 1.5 months of using this nifty little serum every day. 


Would I buy it again?

The answer is yes. It’s not an instant glow-maker, but has definitely made my skin healthier and more supple over time. This is going to be my new winter-serum, because Melbourne’s cold, dry winters are unforgiving on my skin and I need that extra bit of moisture that comes with Jumiso’s All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum. In summer, I turn into a sweaty mess as a rule – so will probably opt for a thinner, less hydrating formula.


Find the All Day Brightening and Balancing Serum from Jumiso online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop the serum and other fabulous Jumiso products right here on Kanvas Beauty.

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Have you tried any Jumiso products? What do you think? Leave a review and tell us all the gory details!

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