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Preventing Eczema with SVR Topialyse

by Kanvas Beauty March 23, 2021 7 min read

Preventing Eczema with SVR Topialyse

My review of the Topialyse skincare range from SVR Laboratories, which is formulated to treat extremely dry and atopic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

When it comes to our skin types, we really stay in our lanes. As a sensitive, oily-skinned human, my world was filled with shine-controlling, sebum-soaking and pore-shrinking - and little else. On the opposite end of the spectrum sat dry skin, which to me actually seemed pretty manageable. Just slap a heavy cream on, and off you go right? Wrong.

dry skin can lead to and exacerbate a number of skin conditions, including inflammation, atopic dermatitis, premature ageing and even hyperpigmentation. Hence, it’s important to recognize and treat – but the solution isn’t always as simple as using a moisturizer.

When I met my husband, he was constantly plagued by bouts of eczema. To make matters worse, he skincare is waaay down the line of his list of priorities, despite the itching and discomfort. His side of the bathroom cabinet contained a couple of cortisone creams, a jumbo bottle of Pinetarsol Solution, and of course, petroleum jelly. None of this seemed to be really working to provide anything more than temporary relief at best. Itchy, red patches were just something he accepted as a side effect of life.

After a particularly bad flare-up, I started researching dry skin conditions and how best to treat recurring eczema. After testing various dry skin solutions on him without much success, I came across the Topialyse range from SVR Laboratories(pronounced ‘Top-Pee-Ah-Lees’). I was already familiar with SVR Laboratories, having tried its Sensifine Anti-Redness products with stunning results. Their creams saved me when I developed rosacea two months before my wedding, so I knew it didn’t mess around when it came to delivering on promises. I was excited to see SVR offered a very specific (and large) variety of products dedicated to not just the treatment but also the prevention of atopic skin problems.


Topialyse Barrier Cream – Delivers like the Postie


  • What it is: A facial moisturizer rich in omega fatty acids and 4% niacinamide.
  • Purpose: Meant to restore your skin barrier, treat flaking and ease itching.
  • Texture & feel: It’s a light, emollient cream that’s easy to spread. Dewy finish.
  • How to use: Apply twice daily (or whenever needed) to clean skin. Safe for use on children.
  • Side effects:
  • Results: No more dry, itchy patches! In a clinical trial, 91% of participants found it reduced itchiness, while and 82% felt their skin was no longer dehydrated.


The first product my husband tried was Topialyse Barrier Cream. This is an incredibly hydrating moisturizer for the face and neck. The results blew us away! It managed to get rid a stubborn dry spot my husband had on his upper lip FOR YEARS. It was constantly red and would get so parched the skin would occasionally split open. Covering it with petroleum jelly (his solution) didn’t help. This is because ointments like Vaseline are designed to seal in moisture, and keep infection out. If there’s no moisture to begin with, petroleum pomades basically function like a band-aid. Instead, applying the Topialyse Barrier Cream under a layer of petroleum jelly made a world of difference. We were amazed to see that only a couple of months later, the patch had completelyhealed. Since then, the mild red scar it left behind has continued to fade, probably due to the niacinamide in the formula. Since using the Barrier Cream, he’s been eczema-free (hooray)! The best part? For such an effective product, it’s extremely affordable at only $15 for 50ml – which lasts about 3-4 weeks if using daily in liberal amounts.


Topialyse Body Cleanser: A creamy dream


  • What it is: A rich body cleanser that gently foams when mixed with water. Contains glycerin, coconut oil, vitamin E, omega fatty acids and 1% niacinamide.
  • Purpose: To clean and purify without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry.
  • Texture & Feel: Even though the bottle is pink, the shower cream itself is white. It feels hydrating, but still leaves you feeling clean.
  • How to use: You can either use a few pumps on a sponge or rub it directly all over your body, and then rinse off. Gentle enough to use on the little ones.
  • Side effects:
  • Results: The hypoallergenic formula is designed to make your skin feel soft and moisturized after your shower or bath. When it comes to atopic skin, this is a superior alternative to soaps and strong shower gels.

Our next challenge was treating eczema flare-ups on the body, which tended to be more severe and persistent. Most people (myself included) treat the face like the main course, with our bathroom cabinets filled with a multitude of facial cosmetics to prove it. Body care is generally an afterthought, and for no good reason either.

Especially when it comes to treating skin conditions, cleansers matter – including our body washes. SVR’s Topialyse Body Cleanser is dermatologically, pediatrically, ophthalmologically AND gynecologically tested. This means it won’t irritate the skin or sting the eyes, and is gentle enough to be used as an intimate wash or on infants. It’s even been successfully used as a shampoo to treat psoriasis on the scalp!

When Nathan swapped his anti-bacterial soap for this body wash, he noticed less irritation and flakiness. While Topialyse Body Cleanser doesn’t totally banish eczema to the curb (I’d probably suspect witchcraft if it could), it helped to lessen its occurrence and severity.

Because it was in the shower and I literally wanna try everything, I started using the Topialyse Body Cleanser as well. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the sporadic congestion dotting my decolletage completely cleared. It took me by surprise, given Topialyse is formulated for dry skin rather than acne.  It could have been my body responding well to the lack of heavy fragrances, essential oils and other potential irritants that tend to be found in supermarket shower gels, or the fact that this left my skin pH-balanced and less likely to overproduce sebum. Whatever it was, it turned me into a believer.


Topialyse Intensive Body Balm: My holy grail


  • What it is: A lightweight but extremely hydrating body moisturizer.
  • Purpose: To provide intense hydration without greasiness, and to treat and prevent dry patches.
  • Texture & feel: It’s probably halfway in between a lotion and a cold cream in terms of its texture. It absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a subtle glossy sheen.
  • How to use: As with any retinol product, introduce it slowly into your routine to avoid the side effects. Try it once a week at the start, then increase to 2-3x once your skin can handle it. A little goes a long way. You won’t need to squeeze out anything bigger than pea-size.
  • Side effects: None
  • Results: No more itchy feels, or eczema/dermatitis flare ups. Just smooth, dewy skin.

Yet another product I stole from my husband, the Topialyse Intensive Body Balm has cemented its place in my Holy Grail collection. This rich moisturizer seemed to work not only on Nathan’s dermatitis, but also on calming my skin overnight after I went HAM with an acid peel. One of my friends also uses it to treat her mild hyperpigmentation, making this a real multitasker.

As with other products in the Topialyse range, the Body Balm rich in replenishing lipids (46%) and niacinamide (4%). Some of the standout ingredients include cottonseed oil, glycerin, Babassu butter and prebiotic sugars. The latter helps balance the skin’s pH and support a healthy barrier function.

Let’s talk for a second on how important your skin barrier is. A skin barrier is like a team of security guards for your epidermis. They keep all the potential irritants out, ensuring that your skin is in healthy condition. When your skin is red, irritated, breaking out or reacting, it could be a sign of a compromised barrier. Products such as the Topialyse Balm effectively act as reinforcements, by creating a slightly occlusive layer on top of your skin. This protects your skin from environmental factors, while sealing moisture in and encouraging healing.

After about 2 months of consistent use, the cortisone cream was relegated to the back of the cabinet, and my own skin was glowing and blemish free. Although I suspect this cream may be too rich for my oily T-zone, I still apply it from time-to-time when my cheeks get dry and stingy from overdoing it on retinol. It’s like a magic salve.


It starts with good skincare, but it doesn’t end there

Of course, caring for eczema and dermatitis-prone skin doesn’t end with your skincare routine. Great products are complemented and enhanced by lifestyle and environmental factors. We might not be able to switch them all up, but even little changes can make a big difference and make you get the most out of your products. For instance, Nathan made a conscious effort to avoid extremely hot showers (he used to boil himself like a lobster), switched to an SPF without alcohol, and drinks plenty of water. We’ve also put a humidifier in our bedroom, which seems to have made a difference during cold and dry winters.


Find Topialyse from SVR Laboratories online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop the Topialyse range and other great solutions from SVR right here on Kanvas Beauty.

We ship Australia-wide, including all the major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra). Enjoy free standard shipping with any purchase over $50, and free express shipping with any order over $99. If you’re new to Kanvas Beauty, take an additional $20 off your first order with us (use code WELCOME20 at checkout).

Happy shopping! If you have further questions on SVR or any of our other brands, drop us a line on chat or on email: hello@kanvasbeauty.com.au.

Have you tried any Topialyse products? What do you think? Leave a review and tell us all the gory details!

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