Baby it's cold outside


Winter's here, and there's nothing dry, dehydrated or atopic skin likes less! Cooling temperatures, increased use of heating and declining humity levels can trigger flare ups of eczema, irritative dermatitis and sensitivity. Not to mention that tight, stretched feeling when you smile or crack an ambitious facial expression (that's the feelng of dehydrated skin being stretched to the limit). Don't stress though, there's a few things you can do to put your skin back in equilibrium - and fast.

Our step-by-step winter skin fixes

1. Switch to a gentle, low-pH cleanser. Why? Skin-matching (~5.5) pH cleansers can make a big difference to skin's hydration levels. It won't leave your skin feeling stripped.

2. After cleansing, don't dry your skin thoroughly. While it's still damp, apply a panthenol or hyaluronic-acid based toner. We love ISNTREE's Hyaluronic Acid Toner (which uses sake ferment to preserve the skin's natural microbiome) or TIA'M's ultra soothing Vita B5 Toner. Try applying 4-7 layers of toner, re-applying when the last layer has almost absorbed. It'll help relieve that 'tight' feeling.

3. If your skin is sensitized (i.e. skincare, especially products containing actives, are causing a burning sensation or resulting in tiny, little red bumps), keep your routine simple until you rebuild your skin barrier. Skip your usual serums and essences for a while.

4. Apply a thick, semi-occlusive moisturizer. The product getting a massive workout right now is SVR's Cicavit+ Skin Repair Accelerator. This thick, ultra-dewy cream contains a unique, skin-regenerating and anti-ageing ingredient called rhamnose. Not only is it clinically proven to foster collagen production, but it can also thicken the dermis, better protecting it from the elements and keeping vital moisture locked in.

5. For the cherry on top, try 'slugging'. This is where you cover your skin (after moisturizing) with an occlusive layer, typically a rich facial oil. Gently pat a generous amount of Acure's Marula Oil at the last step of your evening skincare routine. You can also use old favourite Homeoplasmine, or any other heavy skin oil. Do this at least an hour before your head hits in the pillow, to allow it to bind to your skin. Avoid any congestion-prone areas and focus on particularly dry and itchy skin. The result? Waking up with  plumper, more moisturized skin. Just be sure to use an old pillowcase (it can be a messy affair but trust us, it's worth it).

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