Face Mask & Chill Fridays - Elle's Mugwort Mask Review

Hello Kanvas besties everywhere! Today's post is a (drum roll) product review! Hurray. Let's get started. I was feeling pretty crap last night so I decided to pamper myself with one of these things called a 'Mugwort Mask'. These are made by the Korean brand I'M FROM who use 100% plant based ingredients. I have sensitive skin and embrace minimalist ingredients so this sounded perfect to me!


Benefits of Mugwort Plant:

  • Can help in managing hormonal acne breakouts

  • Mugwort essence also has skin calming and healing properties

  • Great for treating skin irritation and redness

  • Anti-aging properties (what appealed to me the most)

How to use:

  1. Carefully take the sheet mask out of packaging and mould it onto your face gracefully like a ballerina (as oppose to the Incredible Hulk)

  2. Leave it on for 15-20 mins; no longer than 30 (leaving it on your face for too long may cause your skin to dry out so please do not do this!)

As soon as you put this mask on, the smell of Mugwort will hit you (not gonna liethat scent was strong). It is reminiscent of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, but organic smelling nonetheless. I let its special healing powers work its magic on my dull skin (motherhood can do this to you peeps). 

I discarded the sheet and let the essence from the mask sink into my skin overnight and I woke up feeling like a baby's bottom! Seriously, I should know because I have a life-sucking 6 month old stealing my sleep. I also couldn't believe how supple my skin felt and have been touching my face all day! My partner thinks I've taken on a whole new level of vanity and is concerned about me. Nonetheless, I love this face mask and it definitely deserves 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for reading babes! You can get this amazing mask here.

May the Skin Gods be kind to you always xx



Kanvas Kult Team



Skin Dictionary - https://www.kanvasbeauty.com.au/pages/beauty-dictionary

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