"How I Beat My War Against Acne" by Hannah

Hello to my skin care obsessed Kanvas Kult tribe!

The journey I’ve had with my skin has had more twists and turns than the plot of Game of Thrones. If you feel like you’re fighting a never-ending battle to clear skindon’t stress. I’ve been there! Everyone’s skin journey is different and I hope my story helps someone out there.

Today I’m starting off with a FREE tip that changed my life and my skin forever!

I started off with severe acne as a teenager where I had to have a fringe to cover it because it was just *that* bad. I’m talking about an acne forest up thereif it wasn’t red and inflamed, it was scarred and bumpy. I spent a lot of time and money putting some really strong stuff on my acne, trying to fight it off, but it would always flare up again.

After living with this for a few years, I finally figured it out. The solution to my acne forest? WATER!

As a teenager, I hated water (legit thought it tasted like liquid dirt). I could easily go days (maybe even a couple weeks) without a proper glass of that H2O stuff. But once I started drinking enough water to flush my body out (in other words, a clear toilet bowl after every trip), my skin started to clear up! I still get flare ups as an adult if I’m not consistent with my water intake.

If you were like me and had a bad habit of not drinking enough water, why not give it a go?


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