Pyunkang Yul - First Impressions With Hannah - Part 1/2

A comprehensive cruelty-free skin-care brand that leaves your skin feeling wondrously soft and supple, that also happens to be perfect for someone with sensitive skin (like mine)?

Get this name stuck in your heads ladies! Pyunkang Yul (PKY) isn’t your "garden-variety" Korean skin-care brand, because their creations are specially curated by a friggin’ medical skin care research lab! They’ve been doing this for decades. I’m particularly impressed with their dedication to natural ingredients, which means you can now limit your exposure to harsh chemicals, but also get to reap the benefits of maximum beauty. Win-win!

As your resident sensitive-skinned blogger, Pyunkang Yul has been such an amazing find. With hayfever season coming in full swing, it’s important that I have a go-to brand that uses natural ingredients, but can also deliver the moisture that is lacking from my skin.

Essence Toner

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is by far one of their most popular products and for a damn good reason. My skin instantly absorbs this clear and fragrance-free toner and leaves it feeling super soft. Seriously, this is just step 1 and my skin already feels like I’ve put on 2 coats of regular moisturiser - an amazing way to start your skin-care routine!

Moisture Serum

Don’t be fooled by the milky texture because OMG this serum is so light! Moderation is absolutely key here because it’s so damn spreadable. Even with the serum on its own, my skin is definitely feeling super soft compared to skin that hasn’t been blessed with this serum.

Balancing Gel

What is this magic?! This balancing gel is so unique because of its clear, honey-like texture PKY created. Out of all the products I’ve tested so far, this one smells the most “herbal” and that’s how I know it is filled with some natural goodies. This balancing gel on its own nearly disappears into my skin and you wouldn’t even know it’s there (there’s no stickiness whatsoever!) apart from the fact that my skin is feeling A LOT softer and smoother than before. This balancing gel would act like an amazing barrier, locking in all the layers you applied on before.

Nutrition Cream

Being one of the more final steps, this nutrition cream packs a punch with hydration and moisture. Even with the other layers underneath, this cream quickly melts and absorbs into your skin without weighing you down. Also if you’re feeling a bit lazy sometimes (guilty), this nutrition cream on its own can seriously deliver you some stunning results because my skin is feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom.

If you haven’t picked up on my subtle clues, PYUNKANG YUL IS AH-MA-ZING! What I learnt is that these products deliver you amazing hydrated and super soft skin, while using the most natural ingredients! It's a triple win for me!

'Till next time my skincare obsessed Kanvas Kult xx

Hannah x
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