My review of I’m From’s Mugwort Cream.

Mugwort sounds like magic. Apart from a name that belongs in Harry Potter, it’s meant to offer hormonal balancing effects, making it great for managing hormonal acne. This natural herb won’t irritate sensitive skin, and boasts anti-ageing qualities as well! Naturally I had to try an ingredient that literally feels like it was made for me. I opted for Korean brand I’m From, given they’re well known for their mugwort line. Their Mugwort Cream contains a huge 73.55% concentration, to deliver to your skin all the benefits mugwort has to offer.


Ugh I’m over hormonal acne. Mugwort, I need you to WORK

I used to think that acne prevent hormonal acne. So, I reached for I’m From’s Mugwort Cream, praying to the skincare Gods that it’ll help deliver me of this evil.


But first, does mugwort actually work?

The short answer is yes. While clinical trials haven’t specifically been conducted with acne, mugwort has been shown to carry anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It’s basically like tea-tree, but without the sharp scent. acne


I’m From Mugwort Cream’s ingredients

Apart from mugwort, the cream is also formulated with moisturizing goodies like glycerin and shea butter. It has a bunch of other herbs such as Longleaf Pine, Evening Primrose and Rice Plant extracts. These are all meant to offer various soothing benefits. I noticed the ingredients list also contains Arachidyl Alcohol – but don’t worry: this isn’t the drying kind. Arachidyl Alcohol is actually a fatty alcohol that won’t irritate your skin. In the formula, it’ll help keep the ingredients (particularly oil-based and water-based ingredients) from separating. Halfway through the list, it also has panthenol (an excellent addition for sensitive skin) and fine-line fighting allantoin. In summary, it’s a good, clean formulation!


Where it fit in my routine

After double cleansing and toning with a simple hydrating toner in the evenings, I applied the Mugwort Cream. Every third night when I used retinol, I would also use this straight afterwards. It’s summer at the moment so I’m finding that my skin doesn’t need that many layers and emollients. BUT that said, my skin started to get a little dry and tight on my cheeks. So, I supplemented the Mugwort Cream with an extra application of Pyunkang Yul’s Moisture Cream just on my U-zone and that seemed to do the trick. My oilier T-zone meanwhile, was loving the single layer of Mugwort Cream.


Texture and application      

The texture is like a thick but lightweight lotion. It doesn’t feel greasy in the slightest, but still feels super hydrating when applied. If you’re the type that wipes off half your product on your pillowcase while you sleep or have skin on the dry side, then you’ll probably want to put a thin layer of a sleeping mask or occlusive on top. The finish immediately after application is slightly dewy, but it quickly dries to a nice, semi-matte. It has a refreshing feel and works well with any active (I’ve tried it in tandem with lactic acid, retinol and vitamin C with no issues).


Results and final verdict

The Mugwort Cream was put to the test when I was close to my period. I got a big pimple on my chin (damnit) BUT, it was noticeably less red. There’s not going to be an overnight transformation with mugwort – at the end of the day, it is a gentle herb and not a strong active ingredient. However, even with just using the cream, the inflammation was much less. And here’s the best bit: 1 month into using it and coming to my next cycle, I got one smaller-than-usual zit on my chin….and that’s it. Meanwhile, the rest of my complexion was blemish-free. That’s despite constantly wearing a mask in 30-degree heat! Would I buy it again? Yes. And this time, I’m going to use a mugwort serum for an extra dose of this lovely ingredient. If you have acne (especially red, hormonal acne), it’s definitely worth a go.




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