I Used The I'm From Rice Toner For 2 Months + Results (A Review by Marissa)

Hi guys,
It's my first review here! Yay!
My name is Marissa but you can call me Muz. I am a 42 year old beer guzzling / footy lover / fitness obsessed, Aussie gal!
I have never used a toner before and never have I felt the need to, so when I was given this Rice Toner, I was stoked! My first impression of the toner was that it looked stunning - the bottle is fantastic! So classy and very beautifully designed. The packaging of this product has recently been changed from glass to plastic to avoid damage during transit and I actually prefer it in a plastic container. I feel like glass would be classier but it doesn't bother me too much! 
The I'm from Rice Toner is a brightening and hydrating toner, which claims to help target dull, irritated or ageing skin. Perrrrfect! It is created with ground Yeoju Rice and 77.78% Goami Extracts. This toner exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling smoother and more hydrated. The product forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent water loss, leaving it supple and radiant. Perfect for babes with dull, fatigued skin, as well as dry, irritated skin. I also love that this toner contains Niacinamide, which is great for hyperpigmentation!
I used this toner everyday for 2 months in my morning and nighttime routine. It is super hydrating and has a water consistency that easily absorbs into your skin. Every time I used this toner, my skin instantly felt supple and healthier. You must shake the bottle well to separate the water layer & emulsion layer. I tip it into a cotton pad and apply it to my face and it doesn't have an odour, but it feels luxurious on your skin and very refreshing.
The End Result?
I have come to the conclusion that his is clearly a powerhouse hydrating toner and there is really nothing bad I can say about it! I've been racking my brain about something negative to say about it - but let's be honest, if I've got nothing bad to say - I can't just 'make it up' right? I mean we're trying to be honest here. It's hard for me to say something bad about a toner that works quite well!
All in all, I'm glad I tried a toner and have it in my routine now moving forward. I would definitely use a toner in my routine from here on out. It has been nearly two months and I've still got 3/4 of the bottle left to go, so for the price? This toner is huge value! Now, I am very lucky I have genetically nice skin but I have noticed my skin is a little brighter and smoother after the two months of usage. There's not a huge a difference because my kanvas wasn't too problematic in the first place, but I can see it benefiting some one with more problematic skin because I can already see my skin looking healthier! I would definitely repurchase because I don't wear a lot of makeup (I wish I was a makeup girl).
Final words:
  • Bottle is beautiful, feels beautiful and looks well presented.
  • Feels beautiful and luxuious on your skin.
  • It left my skin refreshed and is the perfect 'pick me up' in the mornings and just before bed!
This toner has really changed my idea of what a toner should do and how it should feel on my skin. This toner does everything it's hyped up to do - it is a winning luxury toner in my books! Give it a go!


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