Face Mask & Wine Nights - The Sweeter Side 🍯+🍷

Hey Kanvas Kult! Hannah here on this warm Friday night dishing you the latest news on skincare and wine (actually two of the few things in this world I freakin' love).

Also, I gotta give a shoutout to the girls at Kanvas Beauty - they know that I’m a sensitive-skinned gal so praise the lord they only send me their most premium and natural product lines to test out for you!

Without further ado, let’s first jump into the ‘I’m From Honey Mask’! This face mask delivers on its promise by giving your kanvas the nourishment and moisture you so desperately crave for during this warm... yet freezing weather? (Thanks Melbourne) I’m sure you’ve only heard good things about the main ingredient here which is (drumroll) HONEY! The best thing is that this honey has been naturally sourced all the way from Jirisan, South Korea. The I’m From brand are known for using ‘nature as it is’ and they’ve only elevated all the benefits of honey to the next level. By adding propolis, bee venom, jojoba seed oil they’ve created a moisturising face mask that includes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are going to be perfect to help manage my flare ups during hayfever season! Ack!

Look I’ll be honest, this face mask didn’t initially impress me... at first, the colour reminded me of a dull mustard? The initial texture reminded me of warm McDonald's caramel sundae syrup! But once I put it on my face - DAMN! The mask glides straight on and you only get satisfying vibes while slathering it all over your face (ASMR lovers rejoice) where it goes from dull mustard to clear gloss. This face mask is also amazing for your bedtime routine because the smell is so calming and relaxing. I put on quite a thick layer and found that it didn’t melt down my face, which is my not so subtle hint that this face mask is a must-have for my busy ladies who need to be up and moving constantly. 😊

I managed to keep this mask on for the full hour... (it is recommended 20-30 minutes) while I was running around doing my night routine, drinking wine, taking selfies, on the gramz while squeezing in a quick stretch! Hahaha. I was instantly in love once I rinsed the mask off my face – it delivers instant results moisturising your face and leaving you feeling like your skin is made of silky tofu! Oomph!

My final verdict? The I’m From Honey Mask is perfect for peeps who need a blast of moisture restored to their kanvas. All those extra naturally sourced goodies worked well for my sensitive skin and doesn’t drip so let’s you stay moving! (Damn paralysing sheet masks that keep you glued down)! It is a definite gem to add to your skin care routine. 💓 

Enough about skincare! Let’s move onto the wine review - AAHH! This is one of my favourite parts because I will drink anything from beer, wine, gin to whiskey. Today, we’re reviewing the ‘2017 Vintage Gibson Eden Valley Riesling’. The first question you might be asking is, WTF is a vintage wine? Vintage wine means the grapes were grown and picked in a specified year! And for more unsolicited wine facts, normally when one thinks of reisling, one would associate it with more floral & fragrant notes that fall on the sweeter side of life. Moving on to the next fun fact, Gibson wines is based out in the prestigious Barossa Valley in South Australia and this grape was specifically grown in a small town called Eden Valley (hence the name d'uh!) Uh... someone stop me from pouring another glass please?!

I tried this one both at room temperature and chilled and my recommendation is to serve this wine chilled! I think it would pair really nicely with some creamy blue cheese, fattier fish or even a crispy pork belly. Look, this Riesling is diverse alright, don’t judge! If you’re a beginner, this one might not be for you! It definitely has the ‘wine’ taste but hey, it starts off with a citrusy bang and mellows out to a lovely fruity after-taste.

I’m wrapping up Kanvas Kult! Stay safe and practice some self-care and treat yourself to your own face mask and wine 🍯+🍷 = self love. 


Your sensitive-skin girl pal, Hannah



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