The best aluminium-free, natural deodorants (that actually work)

Kanvas Beauty handpicks two of our favourite natural deodorants that keep your delicate pit skin happy, clean and smelling great.


Is it time to ditch aluminium anti-perspirants? Anti-perspirants and deodorants are essential to a functioning society and being your best sexy self (let’s face it, body odour kills a vibe).

Unfortunately, many contain aluminium as an active ingredient. What’s bad about this is that aluminium is a known neurotoxin. Neurotoxins essentially damage your nervous system. Alarmingly, aluminium in particular has been linked to a number of diseases - breast cancer, bone disorders and even Alzheimer's.

If it’s so dangerous, why is aluminium still used in hygiene products? There have been several credible studies indicating a link between aluminium and various health issues. However, whether or not the amount permitted in anti-perspirants poses a serious risk is still up for debate. With that said, it has not been definitively ruled out - which is why many of us are opting for a more natural alternative.

These days, there are a growing number of options which are just as effective (if not more) in neutralising body odours than their aluminium counterparts. After much trying and testing, the team at Kanvas Beauty gives you two of the best:

  1. Nuud; and
  2. Buff Expert’s Coconut & Probiotics All-Natural Deodorant

Not only do these two super-products work, they go above and beyond your standard bathroom cabinet deo.


Nuud – Best for active bodies

This vegan deodorant paste is so effective, one application lasts for 3-7 days (please don’t go without a shower for that long though). No wonder over half a million tubes have been sold. Nuud actually neutralises odours with micro-silver, instead of just covering it up with fragrance. In fact, Nuud is aluminium, paraben, petrochemical and perfume free. Our favourite part is that it’s packaged an environmentally friendly sugarcane tube (no single use plastics here).

Purchase Nuud here.

Country of origin: Netherlands 


Buff Experts – Best for sensitive underarms

Apart from working perfectly to deter odour AND absorb wetness, this magic all-natural deodorant also helps strengthens the skin barrier. Underarms prone to shaving/waxing rashes? Dealing with eczema or just plain old sensitive skin? Buff’s Coconut & Probiotics deodorant is perfect for you. Besides doubling up as a moisturizing balm, it absorbs perfectly into your skin for a smooth dry finish. No sticky pits here.

Purchase Buff Experts deodorant here.

Country of origin: Canada


*If you want to know whether there's aluminium in your antiperspirant/deodorant, look out for aluminium chloralhydrate or aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex in the ingredients list.

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