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by Kanvas Beauty June 21, 2021 4 min read


My review of K-Beauty brand TIA’M’s My Signature Vita B5 Toner.

When my skin cracked it at me for overdoing actives (see here), I bought the TIA’M Vita B5 Toner, because I knew my irritated skin would drink up the gentle formula of panthenol, natural moisturizing factors and peptides. But would it actually produce results? Read on to find out!


I always thought toners were a waste of time

Now, I’ve got a confession: TIA’M's My Signature Vita B5 Toner was the FIRST one I’d ever purchased. Brands recommended them, sold them in sets, people with glowing skin exulted them, but I still wasn’t convinced: Honestly, I thought they were just fancy water and a waste of money.

I started to doubt my conviction after getting deeper into K-Beauty, where toners are an essential step. And I heard something I hadn’t heard of before – they’re essential to your skin absorbing water-based ingredients (like hyaluronic acid) and can produce results on their own. I saw very convincing before-and-after photos, and my colleagues swore by them and my friends loved them. But I still wasn’t completely sold.


Until my skin went H.A.M.

I thought about how toners can help your skin better absorb the goodies from the rest of your skincare routine. I was using my trusty Barrier Cream from SVR Laboratories, which has always saved my skin from my unbridled enthusiasm for acids. The issue I found this time was that I had to slather on an absurdly thick layer to feel barely hydrated, and I suspected most of it would be absorbed by my pillowcase instead of my skin. So, I decided it was time to bite the bullet, and went for TIA’M’s soothing panthenol toner (aka vitamin B5), which has amazing reviews and apparently, takes dehydrated skin to the next level of plump and juicy.


About the brand

Formerly known as O.S.T. C20, Korean brand TIA'M takes its name from the Persian word that translates to “a twinkle in your eye when you see someone for the first time” (why don't we have a word for that in English). Its formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and judging by its cult vitamin C serum, intensely effective.


TIAM My Signature Vita B5 Toner ingredients

The formula of TIA’M's My Signature Vita B5 toner contains a 1% concentration of panthenol, which might not sound like a lot but 1% of this powerful vitamin is all that’s needed to produce clinically proven results. Panthenol is well known for its ability to treat redness and inflammation. It also functions as both an emollient and a humectant, making it ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Panthenol works really well with glycerin and hyaluronic acid (both of which My Signature Vita B5 Toner contains), helping the latter two better penetrate the layers of your skin. The other ingredients of the toner include hydrolyzed collagen, various peptides and fermented extracts that read like a skincare junkie’s dream. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 for example, is known for stimulating the production of elastin and collagen without irritation. Another, Argireline, is known as a botox alternative because it’s so effective in relaxing fine lines! Seems like this toner is also great for those looking for anti-ageing properties.


Where it fit in my routine

After double cleansing in the morning and evening, I applied about 2 layers of this toner in the morning (the first layer evaporates incredibly fast), and about 4 layers in the evening for extra hydration. There was no stinging or discomfort to speak of – instead it felt incredibly soothing and my skin just seemed to soak it up. While my skin was still slightly damp, I applied the Topialyse Barrier Cream and in the mornings, would follow it up with Black Girl Sunscreen.


Texture and application      

TIA’M's My Signature Vita B5 toner is a clear liquid, only slightly more viscous than water. It almost reminded me of watered-down aloe vera juice. There’s no detectable scent, and indeed TIA’M doesn’t add any fragrances (natural or artificial) to the formula. I didn’t bother to use cotton pads to apply it. I simply shook some of the liquid on my palms and patted it across my skin. It maybe took a few seconds to absorb before applying the next layer.


Results and final verdict

Upon first using the toner, it took for 4 days before I saw my skin didn’t need that much moisturizer to follow. Thankfully these days, I’m using a much saner amount of cream. I genuinely believe the toner reduced the need to slather on moisturizer like it was going out of fashion. The other difference I noticed was that in the mornings, I wouldn’t wake up with that dry, pulling feeling across my cheeks. Two weeks later, I reintroduced a mild BHA and *hooray* my skin didn’t crack it! I’m still being gentle so I haven’t started using the full gamut of acids or vitamin C serums just yet, especially since it’s a cold dry winter at the moment – so the word of the day is hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. In short, the TIA’M Vita B5 Toner works and has now convinced me: I’ve joined the toner camp.




Find Vita B5 Toner from TIA’M online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop the toner and other fabulous TIA’M products right here on Kanvas Beauty.

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Have you tried any TIA’M products? What do you think? Leave a review and tell us all the gory details!

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