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WOW, I Love This Stuff

by Kanvas Beauty August 25, 2021 3 min read

WOW, I Love This Stuff

My review of Black Girl Sunscreen

Honestly, if I wasn’t such a stickler for good grammar, I’d put exclamation marks ALL OVER this review because I love Black Girl Sunscreen!! So much!! Here’s why it’s a cut above the rest.

It gave me an instant glow

I always viewed sunscreen as a necessary part of skincare in the same way people need an umbrella in the rain: I use it to preserve my outfit and not because I think it looks cool to hold a tarp over my head. In a similar vein, I saw sunscreen as the key to protecting my skin rather than enhance its appearance. Most sunscreens would either make me look greasy or ghostly (sometimes both). My brown skin wouldn’t let me get away with physical SPF filters, which were available in a far wider range and in more skin-friendly formulas than their chemical counterparts. Meanwhile, I’d found the limited range of chemical sunscreens to smell distinctly of alcohol or contain hormone-altering chemicals (which have been banned in certain countries) – and who wants that? Frankly, people of colour deserved better. That’s where Black Girl Sunscreen comes in. Not only is it oxybenzone and octinoxate free, it is also completely grease-free and invisible. To the point where you’ll even question whether you’re actually wearing sunscreen!


About the brand

Created in 2016 by US-based Shontay Lundy, Black Girl Sunscreen was made with dark skin in mind. It also started the much-needed conversation about the need for SPF protection among the melanin-blessed (given many of us have grown up with the misconception that tan skin somehow protects you from UV rays). I myself developed rosacea from sun overexposure, having never used SPF until well into my 30s. Sometimes I feel like I must be the only brown person in the world with rosacea but in any case, I’ve never left the house without SPF since!

Because of its skin-friendly formula, Black Girl Sunscreen took off. Today, you can find it across Target and Ulta stores in the U.S. – and of course, at Kanvas Beauty here in Australia. Despite its name, anyone can use Black Girl Sunscreen. In fact, no matter your skin tone, you’ll probably fall in love with it as hard as we did.


Black Girl Sunscreen’s ingredients

Vegan and cruelty-free, BGS boasts one of the cleanest formulations on the market. It’s made with extracts of moisturizing avocado, sunflower oil and jojoba as well as cacao and carrot juice (known for their antioxidant properties). The SPF filters it uses are avobenzone (3%), homosalate (10%), octisalate (5%) and octocrylene (2.75%). All of these ingredients are considered safe in terms of toxicity, and together, they provide SPF30+ protection.


Texture and application      

After double cleansing, toning, using a serum and moisturizer, I slather a thick layer of Black Girl Sunscreen on my skin. Without even really rubbing it in, it sinks in and dries clear within 5 minutes. This was truly impressive. There was no hint, no rumour, no whisper of a white cast! Any skin tone would be able to pull this off without a hitch.

The texture is a little like cold cream, but much more lightweight. Because it’s scent-free, it smells like those old zinc sticks we used to wear in primary school in summer. I dig it: it’s nostalgic and pleasant.


Results and final verdict

After application, it leaves your skin with a glow. It’s one of the few sunscreen products I’ve used that’s actually added to my look, and has really raised the bar in terms of what I now expect from a SPF product. And because it’s such a smooth application, it makes for a great primer. No pilling detected! Basically, it’s hard to go wrong with Black Girl Sunscreen. If you have oily skin, you can try wearing this as a standalone day moisturizer. If your skin is on the dryer side like mine, you’ll want to layer a moisturizer underneath (as nourishing as this formula is).




Find Black Girl Sunscreen online in Australia at Kanvas Beauty

You can shop all Black Girl Sunscreen products right here on Kanvas Beauty.

We ship Australia-wide, including all the major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra). Enjoy free standard shipping with any purchase over $50, and free express shipping with any order over $99. If you’re new to Kanvas Beauty, take an additional $20 off your first order with us (use code WELCOME20 at checkout).

Happy shopping! If you have further questions on Black Girl Sunscreen or any of our other brands, drop us a line on chat or on email: hello@kanvasbeauty.com.au.


 Kanvas Beauty is proud to be an official retailer of Black Girl Sunscreen in Australia.

A review by Anura Logan 

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