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Where to Buy AXIS Y in Australia & NZ? | Kanvas Beauty Buying Guide

You can shop AXIS-Y online in Australia and New Zealand - including the popular Axis Y Dark Spot Serum, Axis Y Blemish Treatment and Axis Y sunscreen right here on Kanvas Beauty! Kanvas Beauty are an official stockist for AXIS-Y, which means collabs, freebies and promotions....stay tuned.


AXIS Y Skincare: A beauty brand with a difference

AXIS-Y has an edge over the competition. Yes, it's clean, vegan and cruelty-free like many other companies (feels like that should be a given these days, right?!). And yes, it has products that really work. But here's what we especially dig about it: AXIS-Y is modelled on the ever-changing climate we live in, taking into account seasonal temperatures, pollutants, stress and all the other environmental factors that can impact our skin's health. This means it's designed to work on even the most difficult-to-cater-for skin types: you know, that sometimes oily, sometimes dry, sometimes sensitive and acne-prone type of skin. Even the pickiest of skin loves this brand! And so we.


AXIS - Y - Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum: Everyone wants a piece of this one

You can't talk about this brand without talking about the Axis Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum: it's the one you've doubtless seen on TikTok and IG with almost unequivocally enthusiastic reviews. Basically, it's a targeted skin brightener that's not just the usual vitamin C formula. In fact, instead of the popular ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), the Axis-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum uses niacinamide (5%), papaya, rice bran extract and sea buckthorn to brighten without irritation. And hot damn, it works beautifully! Use it on ane scars, sun spots, chloasma or any type of hyperpigmentation. It's also pregnancy safe. Basically, it's a Godsend for people whose skin just doesn't tolerate the usual skin brighteners like vitamin C and acids all that well, but who still want something highly effective. The modest 5% concentration of niacinamide is gentle enough to avoid irritation, and in fact, can help reduce sebum overproduction and redness (making it perfect for acne-prone skin). In conclusion, the Axis-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum reviews don't lie! Plus, it's easy enough to use: just slot it in after your cleanser and toner, and before your moisturizer - morning or evening (or both).


Axis Y for acne: What you should know

Axis-Y is one of those Korean brands that isn't purely about glass skin or reinforcing the skin barrier - in fact, it's perfect for those with acne, and offers several targeted anti-acne treatments. For instance, the Axis-Y Spot The Difference Blemish Treatment is the no. 2 bestseller from the brand on Kanvas Beauty after the Axis-Y - Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum. Unlike a lot of spot treatments, it's alcohol-free, and doesn't simply work by drying the bejeezus out of your pimple. Rather, salicylic acid clears gunk from the pores while glycolic acid gets rid of surface skin cells and reduces scarring. The potion also includes hydrating ceramide capsules, niacinamide (2%) and tea-tree extract to actually prevent over-drying and reduce the incidence of scarring. While drying out zits is undoubtedly effective in shrinking them, the ensuing dehydration in the area can actually worsen the post-acne scarring! So, if you're one of those people that always struggle with scarring after breakout, this is a great product to try.

Similarly, the Axis Y Cera Heart Duo Cream also aims to prevent unecessary drying while moisturizing oily and combination skin, without the risk of blocking pores. How do you use the Axis Y Duo Cream? It is actually a genious product: half the jar houses a blue gel-cream with sebum-regulating Houttuynia Cordata for your oily T-Zone (which tends to be the forehead, nose and chin for most people). The other half, meanwhile, contains a more hydrating, traditional cream formula for your dryer U-Zone (i.e. cheeks and neck). Both creams are packed with soothing cica, and can be mixed, matched and swapped all year round depending on the needs of your skin. It's like your own custom moisturizer! It also means that for difficult skin, there's no one-size-fits-the-whole-face approach. Both your T-zone and your U-zone can get their moisture requirements satisfied, and it ensures your T-Zone isn't slugged with a rich formula that could potentially lead to an acne breakout.


Honorable product mentions

  • Axis-Y Sunscreen: What skin is Axis-Y sunscreen for? Here's an answer that might surprise you! The Complete No-Stress Physical Sun Cream is surprisingly tan-skin friendly. Despite using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as UV filters (both are excellent but notorious for leaving a white cast), it blends really well on skin tones 1 to the lighter shade of 5 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Deeper tones should still avoid it, in our opinion.
  • Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser: This Axis-Y Cleanser works across so many skin types: dry, acne-prone, sensitive and even oily. Plus, it's packed with quinoa extract (which somehow makes us feel healthier already), amino acids and vitamins - all of which help purge skin of impurities while giving it a pampering boost. How do you use Axis Y Cleanser? It's easy enough! It's a gel cleanser, but foams when you lather it with water. Just massage gently on your skin for around 10 seconds (longer if its oilier or if you've had a long day) and rinse off thoroughly. Pair it with your favourite balm or oil cleanser for an even deeper pore clean.
  • AXIS-Y - Biome Comforting Infused Toner: When it comes to our favourite Axis Y Toner, we love this one (even more than the better-known Axis Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner!). What does the Axis Y Toner do exactly? From the range Ay&Me, it contains mugwort, cica and probiotic ingredients to tend to dehydrated, sensitive and redness-prone skin. The cica and mugwort also help regulate sebum levels, so you won't be making your skin any oilier - but it'll still improve overall skin health.
  • Axis- Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule: This Axis Y Serum is definitely worth a look. Yes, we know the K-Beauty market is saturated with some pretty excellent barrier serums, but this one has been specifically created for acne-prone skin. The formula features kelp, mineral-rich artichoke and hawkweed extract to calm and hydrate without clogging. It's perfect for oily, combination and congested skin prone to dehydration, and aims to give you a more even and smoother complexion.



Q: Is AXIS-Y a Korean brand?
A: Axis-Y is indeed a Korean brand. It appears to work closely with several institutes in Korea to produce its high-quality skincare. For instance, most of its products are certified vegan by the Korean Vegan Association - and the brand is working to acquire vegan certification for its entire range. Its formulas also undergo a certified dermatological test before release by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute (KDRI). Plus, its halal certified!

Q: What is AXIS-Y?
A: The math heads out there will know that Axis-Y refers to the vertical axis on the Cartesian coordinate plane (with the horizontal axis called Axis-X). For skincare lovers, it refers to one of the most innovative and sincere cosmetics brands catering to skin living in a time of environmental change. We're not entirely sure why this Korean brand chose it as its name, but to be frank, the skincare is so good that it could literally be called anything and we'd still buy it!

Q: Is AXIS-Y good for normal skin?
A: What is normal skin anyway, and does anyone have it? But yes, if you are one of those unicorns out there with perfect skin and no skin issues, you can still benefit from the AXIS-Y range - it won't knock your skin off balance, and will preserve what you have.

Q: Is AXIS-Y safe for pregnancy?
A: Given that AXIS-Y currently doesn't use any acids in high concentrations or retinoids in its range (this may change in the future, so always check the ingredients label), it is generally considered safe for pregnancy. The Axis Y Glow Serum is a particular favourite because niacinamide is considered a great alternative to vitamin A during pregnancy. 

Q: Is AXIS Y Cleanser good for acne?
A: The Axis Y Quinoa Cleanser is great for acne. Firstly, it won't dry your skin, thereby encouraging your glands to compensate by producing more oil (which in turn, could block your pores). Secondly, it is gentle, but still cleans well. Lastly, it's a great complement to your favourite spot treatments or acid exfoliants, as it won't raise the pH level of your skin.

Q:Is AXIS Y clean?
A: There’s no universal standard or definition of what’s considered ‘clean’ when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. However, in our opinion AXIS-Y is ultra-clean in that it is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, SLS, synthetic dyes, micro beads, ethanol and any other harsh chemical you can think of. In fact, if you go on their official website and check out their "About Us" s
ection, you can see a whole list of cosmetic ingredients their formulas avoid (which include some pretty common ones found in a lot of brands, such as mineral oils and perfume.

Q: Is Axis-Y sunscreen alcohol free?
A: Yes indeed, the Axis-Y sunscreen is alcohol free! It also skips fragrances, including essential oils. This makes it ideal for skin on the sensitive side.

Q: What's the average Axis Y Dark Spot Serum review like?
A: The averagge Axis-Y Serum review is blistering positive. In fact, on the Kanvas Beauty page, 3 out of every 4 reviews are 5-star, while another 17% give it 4 stars. The biggest comments seem to be that it really works at fading even stubborn acne scars, doesn't exacerbate acne, reduces texture and gives the skin a healthy glow. It's hard not to get sold!

Q: Where to buy Axis-Y products?
A: Now you already know the answer to that! And if you’re still not sure, keep scrolling 



You can shop AXIS-Y Australia and New Zealand right here on Kanvas Beauty.

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