Q&A: Do You Really Need A Beauty Mini Fridge?

The simple answer is no.

However, it is a luxury and can be super fun to use! You can purchase these cute beauty fridges for a decent price at Priceline Pharmacy in Australia. Again, it is not a ‘necessity’ and you can store beauty products in your regular fridge. Specifically, gel products, mists, Vitamin C, sheet masks, rose quartz rollers and eye creams can all be stored in there.

The feeling of putting a cooling product on your face feels super soothing and really helps with inflammation. If eye cream feels amazing when cold, imagine the mist! Using cooler products is super refreshing, especially in summer. Another benefit in storing your products in the mini beauty fridge is that it prolongs the shelf life and prevents early oxidation of pure Vitamin C serums that contains Ascorbic Acid (like serums and vitamin c day serums). It is still important (with a beauty fridge or without) that you store your products properly (i.e. away from sun and heat). In doing this, your skin care products will stay in its best form. Finally, if you’re super obsessed with displaying your products, the beauty fridge is so fun to organise (OCD alert). So we find ourselves asking: what’s your price tag for fun?

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