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Roll, Baby Roll - A Quartz Beauty Roller Guide

by Kanvas Beauty October 02, 2020 2 min read

Roll, Baby Roll - A Quartz Beauty Roller Guide

Okay, we know it might be a no-brainer to some people, but for those who don't know, here are the benefits of using the 'jade rollers' or 'rose quartz roller'. So please do not worry, we are here to save your face. Think of this a bit like a 'Rollers for Dummies' course, 'cause this shit can get a little complex.

What is a Jade Roller?

For the sake of simplicity, we will be talking about the 'jade roller' (there is a slight cooling difference if using a quartz roller). The jade roller is best described as a "miniature handheld face massager". Hundreds of years ago, these accessories were used by the Chinese aristocracy, however they have become more popular in America in recent years.

It could be manufactured using picturesque rose quartz or green jade. At the top, it has a handle and rolling piece. Certain models have smaller rollers on their handles at the bottom, which is useful on smaller facial areas.

Jade roller benefits

Jade rolling offers a number of benefits, which includes:

  • Decreasing the skin’s puffiness and inflammation

  • Decreasing the visibility of circles beneath the eyes (particularly if you use a cold roller)

  • Triggering blood circulation and the lymphatic system, tightening pores, improving complexion, reducing fine line visibility

  • Enabling skincare lotions to penetrate deeper

In addition, the jade roller is a wonderful way to unwind and get ready for bed, following an evening skincare routine. Once you have used a jade roller, your skin will feel relaxed and smooth.

For many centuries, jade stones were used in rituals to promote longevity and beauty. These stones are healing crystals that help to cleanse and detoxify your body. They can benefit the adrenals and kidneys, which balances your hormones and produces clear, radiant skin.

Rose quartz are love stones, which counteract stress and tension in your body. They relax your nervous system and ease inflammation. Also, they promote the concept of caring for yourself and loving yourself, which is vital to keep your body looking beautiful and feeling healthy.

For further puff reducing and skin tightening benefits, you should place your roller in your mini beauty fridge (or regular fridge) before using it. The cool temperature causes your pores to contract, which reduces puffiness and tightens the skin significantly. Moreover, putting facial oil on before using the roller will enhance your beauty regime and facilitate rolling, while allowing the ingredients to soak into your skin deeper.

How Often Should I be using it? 

You can use the jade roller whenever your skin needs some R&R (rest and relaxation). Once your skin is clean, put some facial oil droplets onto it. See directions of rolls below

Is there post care after Jade Rolling?

It is a good idea to apply a moisturiser, after you complete a facial rolling session. You should do this after any facial beauty routine for that matter. A good moisturiser will enhance your results and make your skin glow even more.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy our collection of jade rollers here or on Here.

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